! Pink potion.png
Name polymorph
Appearance random
Cost 200 zm
Weight 20

Quaffing this potion will make you polymorph.

Throwing this potion at a monster will cause it to polymorph.

Dipping an item into this potion will polymorph the item. The usual checks for golem creating, items vanishing, artifacts resisting, etc. are skipped, but large stacks still merge to small ones.[1]

Although these potions are rare, dip-testing to these will result the loss of polypiling objects conduct. Because of this, some conduct players try to price-id the potions and identify the 200 zm potions otherwise. Besides formal identification, one such way is monster inventory. Only three types of price-200 potions can be generated on random monsters: full healing, speed, and polymorph. Polymorph is by far the least common one. Death drops and items picked up by monsters complicate the picture, but a throne farming pacifist will reliably isolate all three. The other two can be eliminated by alchemy output and monster usage.

Note that you can also cause a monster to polymorph by wielding the potion and smashing it on them, but this is not advised because if by an unlucky chance that monster becomes a cockatrice, you will be petrified.

Monsters can quaff this potions. Mercifully, this will not generate out-of-depth monsters.[2]


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