! Pink potion.png
Name monster detection
Appearance random
Cost 150 zm
Weight 20

A potion of monster detection will show all monsters on the current level when quaffed.

  • A blessed potion will show all monsters on the map for 21–60 (more) turns.[1]
  • An uncursed potion will show just the monsters against a black background,[2] and will exercise Wisdom if any are found.[3]
  • A cursed potion has the same effect as an uncursed potion, but will also wake all sleeping and paralyzed monsters on the level.[4] (“Monsters sense the presence of you.”)

If you already have 300 or more turns of monster detection, a blessed potion will only add one more.

If you quaff a non-blessed potion while there are no monsters on the current level, you will receive the message :

You feel threatened.

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