! Pink potion
Name hallucination
Appearance random
Cost 100 zm
Weight 20

A potion of hallucination can be quaffed to cause hallucination; blessed potions cause you to hallucinate for fewer turns (300-499), uncursed for a medium number (600-799), and cursed for a long time (900-1099). Potions of hallucination have a base cost of 100 and can be turned into water by #dipping a unicorn horn in them.

Vapors from this potion are harmless and give the message "You have a momentary vision."


These potions have very little use (though they are excellent for causing funny messages), and are a generally considered prime candidate for blanking. Still, they are not entirely useless.

  • One potential use is to quaff them in place of magic resistance when attacked by a creature with the touch of death, as hallucination protects against that attack.
  • Another potential use is to #quaff them before BUC testing a stackable item at an altar. If you see a flash of light, you know the item is either blessed or cursed (and should #name it as such). If an unidentified item stacks with this item, you then know that it is also either blessed or cursed.
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