! Pink potion
Name full healing
Appearance random
Cost 200 zm
Weight 20

A potion of full healing will heal up to 400 HP. If you would gain more HP than your maximum, a blessed potion will also increase your maxhp by 8, and an uncursed potion will increase it by 4; a cursed potion will not increase your maxhp. The potion will also cure hallucination and blindness, and exercise constitution and strength, and if not cursed, will cure sickness. If you have lost experience levels, a blessed potion will also return one, but you cannot gain more than half of the lost levels this way.

You can throw this potion at Pestilence or hit him with it to deal damage to him.

Dipping a poisoned weapon into this will remove the poison coating.

If a monster has one of these potions, they will try to drink it if they are low on HP.

The potion is identified for healers from the start, even though they don't start with any.


If this potion's appearance is smoky or milky, you may get a djinn or a ghost when quaffing. This is great if you need a wish, but not so great if you have 3HP left and were expecting a full heal. As such, it's not a good idea to rely on potions of full healing as a poor man's amulet of life saving in these rare cases.

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