! Pink potion
Name acid
Appearance random
Cost 250 zm
Weight 20

A potion of acid may not be #dipped to become water; if it gets wet, it will boil and cause you 1-10 points of damage. However, a potion of acid can be cancelled to turn it into a potion of water. If you quaff a potion of acid when you are turning to stone, you will be cured of your stoning. You will abuse your constitution and take 1-4 points of damage if blessed, 2-16 points of damage if cursed, and 1-8 points of damage if uncursed. They are best used either as an emergency stoning cure (or a primary one, for vegans and vegetarians), or as a thrown weapon.

If a monster throws a potion and hits another monster with it, or you throw an unidentified potion at a monster, and the monster "shrieks in pain" or "writhes in pain", the potion is a potion of acid, unless it is a clear potion, in which case it was holy water.

Potions of acid can be diluted by having them in your inventory when walking into a pool of water, although they still have a chance of exploding.

Messages Edit

"This burns a lot!"
A monster threw at you, or you quaffed a cursed potion of acid.
"This burns like acid!"
You quaffed an uncursed potion of acid, and you are not acid resistant.
"This tastes sour."
You quaffed any potion of acid, while acid resistant.
"This burns!"
You quaffed or were hit by a uncursed potion of acid, and you are not acid resistant.
"This burns a little!"
You quaffed or were hit by a blessed potion of acid, and you are not acid resistant.

If the potion was thrown at you or you drank the potion you will be prompted to name it.


Valuable gems can be dipped into potion of acid to make new potions. See Alchemy.

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