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A player monster is a monster with a class/title resembling the player. They are not randomly generated, and are rarely seen, being primarily used as the polymorphed forms of the doppelganger, and on the Astral Plane representing players fooled by a cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor (although true players will not get there without the real Amulet of Yendor.) Using turn undead on a player corpse (from bones levels or the Valley of the Dead) revives the corpse as a player monster s well as use stone to flesh on the player's statue.

On the Astral Plane, player monsters will be given items representing an ascension kit, including the possibility of artifact weapons.

The player monsters are:


On the Astral Plane, player monsters are a source of YASD, as they may be generated with Vorpal Blade, which can cause instadeath by beheading you. Be very wary of engaging one in melee until you are certain what it is wielding.

Player monsters cannot be tamed, but can be made peaceful.

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