The Plane of Fire is the third of the Elemental Planes. The level is full of lava, fire elementals, salamanders, pit fiends, fire and steam vortices, fire traps, and even a guaranteed red dragon (the only dragon in the game generated with an explicitly specified color).

The level is no-teleport and has an undiggable floor. It is ineligible to leave bones files.


   LLLLLLLL            L                       LLL
  LL                   L                      LLLL                LL
  L             LLLL   LL    LL               LLLLL             LLL
LLLL              LL    L     LLL              LLLL              LLLL
         LLLL   LLLL   LLL    LLL      L        LLLL    LL        LLL
       LLLLLLL   LL     L      L      LL         LL      LL        LL   L
       LL  LLL  LL      LL      LLLL  L         LL      LLL            LL
   L  LL    LLLLL                 LLLLLLL       L      LL            LLLLLL
   L  L     LL LLLL       L            L        LLLLL LL      LL         LL
   LL        L   LL      LL             LLL     L   LLL       LLL         L
    LLLLLL        L       LLL             L    LL   L LLL      LLLLLLL
         LLLL            LL L             L    L   LL         LLL  LLL
                          LLLLL           LL   L   L        LLLL  LLLLLL
    LLLL             LL    LL       LLL   LL       L  LLL    LLLLLLL
      LLL         LLLLLLLLLLL      LLLLL   L           LL   LL   LL
        LL       LL         LL       LLL    L  LLL    LL         LL x
         LLLLLLLLL           LL    LLL       LLLLL     LL        LL
                L             LLLLLL            LL   LLLL         LL
                                LL                    LL

You will arrive at the point marked "x." The portal to the Plane of Water is located on dry land, but not in the lower-right portion of the map. There are 40 fire traps placed at random on the level.

Monsters on the level, randomly located, include a red dragon, a balrog, 19 fire elementals, six fire vortices, six hell hounds, two stone golems, three barbed devils, three pit fiends, five fire giants, a scorpion, a dust vortex, three pit vipers, eight salamanders, a minotaur, and two steam vortices.


Upon arrival in the Plane of Fire, you may be banged up from air elementals in the Plane of Air. You may wish to allow a fire vortex to engulf you; not even the Wizard of Yendor can harm you while you are engulfed.

The Plane of Fire is liberally salted with fire traps; thus a cursed scroll of gold detection will not easily find the magic portal to the Plane of Water. You will probably want to use confused gold detection to distinguish the portal from the fire traps. A side effect to the numerous fire traps is that, since most of the monsters on the Plane of Fire are immune to fire, you will practically be swarmed with a mind-numbing myraid of messages about how "foo stepped in a fire trap but is unharmed", potentially causing you to skip past messages that are A Bad Idea to skip. Coupled with lots of conflict inter-monster battle messages, this motivates some people to wear a blindfold throughout this level. You can also turn off the "sparkle" option to skip resist animations.

Be careful not to get stuck in the lava! Continued levitation is advisable.

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