)   Nighthorn   Unicorn horn
Base item Unicorn horn
Damage vs. small 1d12
Damage vs. large 1d12
To-hit bonus +1
Bonus versus (none)
Weapon skill Unicorn horn
Size one-handed
When carried


When wielded
When invoked


Cost 10000 zm
Weight 20
Material bone

Nighthorn is a lawful artifact unicorn horn obtained at the end of the Lawful Quest in SLASH'EM. It inflicts no extra damage, but provides reflection when wielded.


Nighthorn will never be randomly generated, but is instead found upon killing Nightmare on the single-level Lawful Quest, a portal to which is found between levels 15 and 19. It will only be found if the manner of Nightmare's death would have otherwise left a corpse - disintegrating her or digesting her will not get you Nighthorn. Note that the Key of Law will still be found, though. The dropped Nighthorn will always be cursed and +0, so be very careful before wielding or applying it!


Overall, Nighthorn is in general more useful than the Neutral Quest artifact, the Eye of the Beholder, but considerably less so than the chaotic one, the Hand of Vecna.

As a unicorn hornEdit

To neutrals or chaotics, this is likely to be very nearly useless. It provides no benefit from being carried, and the 8d6 blasting damage it will inflict one-fourth of the time it is used makes it difficult, if not impossible, to use as a unicorn horn. For lawful characters who have not yet enchanted a unicorn horn, though, it might be useful.

As a weaponEdit

A mid-game character might find this a useful weapon, as reflection becomes a larger and larger priority as the game goes on. Lawfuls in particular might benefit from having it function as both a unicorn horn and a weapon, since enchanting helps both of these functions. However, even a neutral or chaotic who really needs reflection and is not restricted in the unicorn horn skill might find it handy. Unfortunately, Nighthorn simply does not do enough damage to be a contender in SLASH'EM's later game. It is also two-handed; while it does provide the same property that a shield of reflection provides, it does not provide the same 6 or 7 AC bonus of a well-enchanted shield.

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