A scorefest is a competition where players strive to acquire as high a score as possible with new characters within the given time limit. The basic idea was suggested by Hours. At midnight to 00:30 EST on October 2, 2006, the first test scorefest was held on and coordinated on #nethack by Eidolos and Grunt. The event proved to be a success, and the event has evolved into the weekly scorefest.


  1. The starting time and ending time will be determined in advance. In #nethack we use Rodney's !time command.
  2. No games can be started before the starting time; this entails not pressing 'p' on the dgamelaunch menu until the appointed time.
  3. Your character must die, quit, escape, ascend or otherwise end the game before the ending time. Rodney should report the score.
  4. You can play (and startscum) as many games as you want between the starting time and ending time; any games must meet the above criteria to be scored.
  5. The highest score achieved in a single game that meets the above criteria shall be considered the winner. In the event of a tie, the game with the lower turn count shall prevail.
  6. By agreement of the majority of players present for the competition, additional restrictions may be declared for the current round of games (for example, everyone must play random characters, or all Healers, etc.). Votes for restrictions must be concluded no later than 10 minutes before the starting time.
  7. When a score is called into question, the ttyrecs for the game shall be investigated to ensure the timestamps are consistent with the above criteria.


  • Scorefest 1 - 0400-0430 2 October 2006 UTC
    • Winner: greqrg with 15523 points
  • Scorefest 2 - 0430-0500 8 October 2006 UTC
    • Winner: Eidolos with 138372 points
  • Scorefest 3 - 0400-0430 15 October 2006 UTC
    • Winner: aardvarkj with 27575 points.
  • Scorefest 4 - 0430-0500 22 October 2006 UTC
    • Winner: mr0t with 81761 points.
  • Scorefest 5 - 0430-0500 30 October 2006 UTC
    • Restrictions: Healers only
    • Winner: Eidolos with 13771 points.
  • Scorefest 6 - unscheduled due to devnull tournament


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