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NetHack's text output is in English. Although the program's structure does not easily lend itself to localization (since morphological features of English are hard-wired into the source code on all levels), several localization projects currently exist.

Chinese Edit

On January 28th 2009 a Chinese translation called nethack-cn was begun on Google Code.

German Edit

Tony Crawford and Karl Breuer have completed a German localized version called NetzHack (note the 'z'), which runs on Linux, *BSD, and OS X (console and X11), and on Win32 (console and Windows graphics). Source and binaries available here.

A different German translation attempt by Patric Mueller called NetHack-De was released as a playable, although incomplete, alpha release on 11 October 2007. The release includes source code and TTY binaries for Linux and Win32.

Japanese Edit

The Japanese version JNetHack by Issei Numata has been in existence for several years. For those who don't read Japanese, there's some outdated information in English at also carries a JSlash'em, JSporkHack and JUnNetHack as well as a Japanese NetHack Resources Project.

NetHack brass can be compiled into an English or Japanese version.

Spanish Edit

Ray Chason has published Spanish NetHack as a work in progress. uds

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