NetHack brass is a variant based on NetHack 3.4.3. It has an improved skills system, the choice of a gift at Sokoban, and a new Gehennom, including rivers and an icy cave.

There is a DOS/Windows binary for ready play. For Unix users, the best option is to obtain the 040923 sources, apply the brass interface patch, and go compiling.

There is a new version, NetHack brass 081221. So far, all of the information about the new version is in Japanese.

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New itemsEdit

They are transplanted from NetHack plus or SLASH'EM below.

Changes to existing itemsEdit

Changes to existing monstersEdit

  • A doppelganger always imitates the player, including all inventory and attributes — though not, apparently, spells. Unhappily, its items will disappear when it is defeated by any means, so you cannot get two of the same artifact. You may still steal the doppelganger's items using the #bereave extended command, but artifacts gained in this way will revert to their base item. The stolen items will last until they are lost when put on the ground.
  • Floating eyes can freeze you if you attack them with a polearm.
  • Straw golems drop a number of sheaves of straw when they are killed.
  • Water elementals have an engulfing attack that kills you by drowning over several turns. They can also rust weapons like a rust monster.

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