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NetHack Fourk is a variant of NetHack. Fourk is based on the NetHack 4 codebase but has a more experimental approach to game-play changes.

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A public server is available on


In addition to the NetHack 4 interface and AI enhancements, Fourk has made a number of gameplay changes.

  • Balance Adjustments
    • Death drops are more common in the early game but are less common when killing many of the same kind of monster (e.g., pudding farming).
    • Engraving is more reliable if done infrequently, less reliable if abused.
    • Alignment record is a significant strategic concern. Notably, you no longer get alignment points for killing most monsters. You get warning messages when losing alignment.
    • The chance-to-hit formula relies on skill, so restricted weapons are hard to hit with.
    • Unicorn horns degrade when used to fix attribute loss.
    • Certain kinds of traps do not generate on early dungeon levels.
    • Arrows and darts do more damage.
    • The Wizard of Yendor can change your alignment.
    • Early poison attacks are less likely to kill you outright.
    • Rings are easier to identify in the early game.
    • Minetown is more likely to have a general store.
    • Luck penalties in Sokoban do not apply if you are carrying a non-cursed luckstone or have entered the zoo and can also be dodged via hallucination.
    • Wands of wishing are not rechargeable; but there are guaranteed single-use wishes in Vlad's Tower, the Wizard's Tower, and Orcus Town.
    • The Backstab bonus depends on weapon skill.
    • Spears are more common in the early game.
    • The odds of thrown projectiles breaking decreases as your skill increases.
    • Engravings do not degrade as easily, especially from non-fighting actions (such as walking).
  • Differentiation / Variety
    • The floating eyes' passive attack does damage directly, rather than paralyzing.
    • More monsters have unique attacks (e.g., pit fiends, ice devils, hezrou).
    • Some monsters have been moved to different letter classes (e.g., leprechauns are lowercase i) or have changed colors (acid blobs are yellow).
    • Valkyries fly and get better armor but start with a spear or war hammer instead of the sword, and some of their weapon skill caps are reduced.
    • Barbarians have improved melee skill caps, and the Heart of Ahriman has an uncurse-items effect when invoked.
    • Knights, Samurai, and Valkyries get strategically important items from their quests (lances, ya, and cone of cold, respectively).
    • The Caveman quest text is rewritten in
    • Monkeys are better at stealing something and getting away.
    • The Oracle can sell you enlightenment, and Oracle prices are reduced.
    • Sokoban has more variety of levels.
    • The Wizard of Yendor can get interesting items in his inventory.
    • Mazes in Gehennom can now have wider corridors and/or wider walls. Occasionally, the "walls" can be made of something other than wall, e.g., lava.

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