NetHack 3.2.2 is the 22nd public release of NetHack and the 18th by the DevTeam. Posts in describe the release as occuring in December 1996.

Availability Edit

NetHack 3.2.2 is readily available from the official NetHack website as part of the NetHack 3.2.3 distribution at [1].

Izchak Miller, 1935-1994 Edit

Izchak Miller was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a founding member of the DevTeam. Due to his passing in 1994, the NetHack 3.2 Series was dedicated to his memory.

A special game-end tombstone gave the dedication, and is still available as a compile-time option by defining NH320_DEDICATION[1]:

              ----------                      ----------
             /          \                    /          \
            /    REST    \                  /    This    \
           /      IN      \                /  release of  \
          /     PEACE      \              /   NetHack is   \
         /                  \            /   dedicated to   \
         |                  |            |  the memory of   |
         |                  |            |                  |
         |                  |            |  Izchak Miller   |
         |                  |            |   1935 - 1994    |
         |                  |            |                  |
         |                  |            |     Ascended     |
         |       1001       |            |                  |
      *  |     *  *  *      | *        * |      *  *  *     | *

Significant changes Edit

NetHack 3.2.2 is principally a bug-fix release.

Notable changes in NetHack 3.2.2 include:

  • The recover utility now works.
  • Several crashes were repaired.
  • Other minor fixes.

The adventurer Edit

The player may choose from these roles:


All classes permit male and female adventurers, except the Valkyrie which must be female.

The adventurer has experience, hit points, magical energy, armor class, alignment, and the six major attributes. He may advance to experience level 30.

The initial pet is a little dog for Cavemen and Samurai, a kitten for Wizards, and a random choice of the two (or the user's choice in his options) for all others.

Dungeon features Edit

The main trunk of the dungeon begins at level 1, where the game begins, and proceeds down stairs to Medusa's Lair and the Castle. From there, it is necessary to enter a trap door to the Valley of the Dead. Further stairs down eventually lead to the invocation level. Performing the invocation ritual at the vibrating square opens the stairs to the Sanctum.

With the Amulet of Yendor in hand, the adventurer may ascend from level 1 into the Plane of Earth; thence s/he may proceed through magic portals to the planes of Air, Fire, and Water, and thence to the Astral Plane. Offering the Amulet of Yendor on the correct high altar wins the game.

Along the way, one will encounter these branches and special levels:

To win the game, it is necessary to complete these tasks:

  • Escape from the dungeon.

Special rooms are:

Special dungeon features are:

Traps are:

A wand of wishing is guaranteed in the Castle, in its modern position, protected by Elbereth and a chest.

Bestiary Edit

NetHack 3.2.2 introduces no new monsters.

The following monsters may be encountered:

giant anta Giant ant
killer beea Killer bee
soldier anta Soldier ant
fire anta Fire ant
giant beetlea Giant beetle
queen beea Queen bee
acid blobb Acid blob
quivering blobb Quivering blob
gelatinous cubeb Gelatinous cube
cockatricec Cockatrice
jackald Jackal
werejackal@ Werejackal/d Werejackal were
little dogd Little dog
dogd Dog
large dogd Large dog
wolfd Wolf
werewolf@ Werewolf/d Werewolf were
wargd Warg
winter wolfd Winter wolf
hell hound pupd Hell hound pup
hell houndd Hell hound
floating eyee Floating eye
freezing spheree Freezing sphere
kittenf Kitten
housecatf Housecat
jaguarf Jaguar
large catf Large cat
tigerf Tiger
gremling Gremlin
gargoyleg Gargoyle
winged gargoyleg Winged gargoyle
hobbith Hobbit
dwarfh Dwarf
bugbearh Bugbear
dwarf lordh Dwarf lord
dwarf kingh Dwarf king
mind flayerh Mind flayer 320
manesi Manes
homunculusi Homunculus
impi Imp
lemurei Lemure
quasiti Quasit
tengui Tengu
blue jellyj Blue jelly
spotted jellyj Spotted jelly
ochre jellyj Ochre jelly
koboldk Kobold
large koboldk Large kobold
kobold lordk Kobold lord
kobold shamank Kobold shaman
leprechaunl Leprechaun
small mimicm Small mimic
large mimicm Large mimic
giant mimicm Giant mimic
wood nymphn Wood nymph
water nymphn Water nymph
mountain nymphn Mountain nymph
goblino Goblin
hobgoblino Hobgoblin
orco Orc
hill orco Hill orc
Mordor orco Mordor orc
Uruk-haio Uruk-hai
orc shamano Orc shaman
orc-captaino Orc-captain
rock piercerp Rock piercer
iron piercerp Iron piercer
rotheq Rothe
mumakq Mumak
leocrottaq Leocrotta
wumpusq Wumpus
titanothereq Titanothere
baluchitheriumq Baluchitherium
sewer ratr Sewer rat
giant ratr Giant rat
rabid ratr Rabid rat
wererat@ Wererat/r Wererat were
rock moler Rock mole
cave spiders Cave spider
giant spiders Giant spider
scorpions Scorpion
lurker abovet Lurker above
trappert Trapper
white unicornu White unicorn
gray unicornu Gray unicorn
black unicornu Black unicorn
fog cloudv Fog cloud
dust vortexv Dust vortex
ice vortexv Ice vortex
energy vortexv Energy vortex
steam vortexv Steam vortex
fire vortexv Fire vortex
baby long wormw Baby long worm
baby purple wormw Baby purple worm
long wormw Long worm
purple wormw Purple worm
grid bugx Grid bug 320
xanx Xan
yellow lighty Yellow light
black lighty Black light
zrutyz Zruty
couatlA Couatl
AleaxA Aleax
AngelA Angel
ki-rinA Ki-rin
ArchonA Archon
batB Bat
giant batB Giant bat
vampire batB Vampire bat
plains centaurC Plains centaur
forest centaurC Forest centaur
mountain centaurC Mountain centaur
baby gray dragonD Baby gray dragon
baby red dragonD Baby red dragon
baby white dragonD Baby white dragon
baby orange dragonD Baby orange dragon
baby black dragonD Baby black dragon
baby blue dragonD Baby blue dragon
baby green dragonD Baby green dragon
baby yellow dragonD Baby yellow dragon
gray dragonD Gray dragon
red dragonD Red dragon
white dragonD White dragon
orange dragonD Orange dragon
black dragonD Black dragon
blue dragonD Blue dragon
green dragonD Green dragon
yellow dragonD Yellow dragon
air elementalE Air elemental
fire elementalE Fire elemental
earth elementalE Earth elemental
water elementalE Water elemental
brown moldF Brown mold
yellow moldF Yellow mold
green moldF Green mold
red moldF Red mold
shriekerF Shrieker
violet fungusF Violet fungus
gnomeG Gnome
gnome lordG Gnome lord
gnomish wizardG Gnomish wizard
gnome kingG Gnome king
giantH Giant
stone giantH Stone giant
hill giantH Hill giant
fire giantH Fire giant
frost giantH Frost giant
ettinH Ettin
titanH Titan
minotaurH Minotaur
stalkerI Stalker
jabberwockJ Jabberwock
Keystone KopK Keystone KopIf KOPS defined at compile time
Kop SergeantK Kop SergeantIf KOPS defined at compile time
Kop LieutenantK Kop LieutenantIf KOPS defined at compile time
Kop KaptainK Kop KaptainIf KOPS defined at compile time
lichL Lich
demilichL Demilich
master lichL Master lich
kobold mummyM Kobold mummy
gnome mummyM Gnome mummy 320
orc mummyM Orc mummy
elf mummyM Elf mummy
human mummyM Human mummy
ettin mummyM Ettin mummy
giant mummyM Giant mummy
red naga hatchlingN Red naga hatchling
black naga hatchlingN Black naga hatchling
golden naga hatchlingN Golden naga hatchling
guardian naga hatchlingN Guardian naga hatchling
red nagaN Red naga
black nagaN Black naga
golden nagaN Golden naga
guardian nagaN Guardian naga
ogreO Ogre
ogre lordO Ogre lord
ogre kingO Ogre king
gray oozeP Gray ooze
brown puddingP Brown pudding
black puddingP Black pudding
quantum mechanicQ Quantum mechanic
rust monsterR Rust monster
garter snakeS Garter snake
snakeS Snake
water moccasinS Water moccasin
pit viperS Pit viper
pythonS Python
cobraS Cobra
trollT Troll
ice trollT Ice troll
rock trollT Rock troll
water trollT Water troll
Olog-haiT Olog-hai
umber hulkU Umber hulk
vampireV Vampire
vampire lordV Vampire lord
Vlad the ImpalerV Vlad the Impaler
barrow wightW Barrow wight
wraithW Wraith
NazgulW Nazgul
xornX Xorn
apeY Ape
owlbearY Owlbear
yetiY Yeti
carnivorous apeY Carnivorous ape
sasquatchY Sasquatch
kobold zombieZ Kobold zombie
gnome zombieZ Gnome zombie
orc zombieZ Orc zombie
elf zombieZ Elf zombie
human zombieZ Human zombie
ettin zombieZ Ettin zombie
giant zombieZ Giant zombie
skeletonZ Skeleton
straw golem' Straw golem
rope golem' Rope golem
leather golem' Leather golem
wood golem' Wood golem
flesh golem' Flesh golem
clay golem' Clay golem
stone golem' Stone golem
iron golem' Iron golem
human@ Human
Woodland-elf@ Woodland-elf
Green-elf@ Green-elf
Grey-elf@ Grey-elf
elf-lord@ Elf-lord
Elvenking@ Elvenking
nurse@ Nurse
shopkeeper@ Shopkeeper
guard@ Guard
oracle@ Oracle
aligned priest@ Aligned priest
high priest@ High priest
soldier@ Soldier
sergeant@ Sergeant
lieutenant@ Lieutenant
captain@ Captain
watchman@ Watchman
watch captain@ Watch captain
Medusa@ Medusa
Wizard of Yendor@ Wizard of Yendor
Croesus@ Croesus
ghost  Ghost
shade  Shade
water demon& Water demon
horned devil& Horned devil
succubus& Succubus
incubus& Incubus
erinys& Erinys
barbed devil& Barbed devil
marilith& Marilith
vrock& Vrock
hezrou& Hezrou
bone devil& Bone devil
ice devil& Ice devil
nalfeshnee& Nalfeshnee
pit fiend& Pit fiend
balrog& Balrog
Juiblex& Juiblex
Yeenoghu& YeenoghuHas the touch-of-death bug
Orcus& Orcus
Geryon& Geryon
Dispater& Dispater
Baalzebub& Baalzebub
Asmodeus& Asmodeus
Demogorgon& Demogorgon
Death& Death
Pestilence& Pestilence
Famine& Famine
mail daemon& Mail daemonIf MAIL defined at compile time
djinni& Djinni
giant eel; Giant eel
electric eel; Electric eel
kraken; Kraken
newt: Newt
gecko: Gecko
iguana: Iguana
baby crocodile: Baby crocodile
lizard: Lizard
chameleon: Chameleon
crocodile: Crocodile
salamander: Salamander
archeologist@ Archeologist
barbarian@ Barbarian
caveman@ Caveman
cavewoman@ Cavewoman
elf@ Elf
healer@ Healer 320
knight@ Knight
priest@ Priest 320
priestess@ Priestess 320
rogue@ Rogue
samurai@ Samurai
tourist@ TouristIf TOURIST defined at compile time
valkyrie@ Valkyrie
wizard@ Wizard
Lord Carnarvon@ Lord Carnarvon
Pelias@ Pelias
Shaman Karnov@ Shaman Karnov
Earendil@ Earendil
Elwing@ Elwing
Hippocrates@ Hippocrates
King Arthur@ King Arthur
Arch Priest@ Arch Priest
Master of Thieves@ Master of Thieves
Lord Sato@ Lord Sato
Twoflower@ TwoflowerIf TOURIST defined at compile time
Norn@ Norn
Wizard of Balance@ Wizard of balance 320
Minion of Huhetotl& Minion of Huhetotl
Thoth Amon@ Thoth Amon
Chromatic DragonD Chromatic Dragon
Goblin Kingo Goblin King
CyclopsH Cyclops
IxothD Ixoth
Nalzok& Nalzok
Master Assassin@ Master Assassin
Ashikaga Takauji@ Ashikaga Takauji
Lord SurturH Lord Surtur
Dark One@ Dark One
student@ Student
chieftain@ Chieftain
neanderthal@ Neanderthal
High-elf@ High-elf
attendant@ Attendant
page@ Page
acolyte@ Acolyte
thug@ Thug
ninja@ Ninja
roshi@ Roshi
guide@ GuideIf TOURIST defined at compile time
warrior@ Warrior
apprentice@ Apprentice

Objects Edit

New objects are indicated in boldface.

Artifacts Edit

Artifacts in NetHack 3.2.2 are:

Excaliburlong swordLawfulKnight
Mjollnirwar hammerNeutralValkyrie
Grimtoothorcish daggerChaotic 
Orcristelven broadswordChaoticElfUser-nameable
Stingelven daggerChaotic User-nameable
Frost Brandlong swordNeutral 
Fire Brandlong swordNeutral 
Demonbanelong swordLawful 
Werebanesilver saberLawful 
Grayswandirsilver saberLawful 
Giantslayerlong swordNeutral 
Ogresmasherwar hammerLawful 
Trollsbanemorning starChaotic 
Vorpal Bladelong swordNeutral 
Sunswordlong swordLawful 

The following are Quest artifacts:

The Orb of Detectioncrystal ballLawfulArcheologist
The Heart of AhrimanluckstoneNeutralBarbarian
The Sceptre of MightmaceLawfulCaveman
The Palantir of Westernessecrystal ballChaoticElf
The Staff of AesculapiusquarterstaffNeutralHealer
The Magic Mirror of MerlinmirrorLawfulKnight
The Mitre of Holinesshelm of brillianceLawfulPriest
The Master Key of Thieveryskeleton keyChaoticRogue
The Tsurugi of MuramasatsurugiLawfulSamurai
The Platinum Yendorian Express Cardcredit cardNeutralTouristIf TOURIST defined at compile time
The Orb of Fatecrystal ballNeutralValkyrie
The Eye of the Aethiopicaamulet of ESPNeutralWizard

Amulets Edit

All amulets appear as "; tiles are Circular amulet Spherical amulet Oval amulet Triangular amulet Pyramidal amulet Square amulet Concave amulet Hexagonal amulet Octagonal amulet.

Amulets in NetHack 3.2.2 are:

Food Edit

Food items in NetHack 3.2.2 are:

tripe ration% Tripe ration
corpse% Corpse
egg% Egg
apple% Apple
orange% Orange
pear% Pear
melon% Melon
banana% Banana
carrot% Carrot
sprig of wolfsbane% Sprig of wolfsbane
clove of garlic% Clove of garlic
nameable fruit% Slime mold
lump of royal jelly% Lump of royal jelly
cream pie% Cream pie
candy bar% Candy bar
fortune cookie% Fortune cookie
pancake% Pancake
lembas wafer% Lembas wafer
cram ration% Cram ration
food ration% Food ration
K-ration% K-ration
C-ration% C-ration
tin% Tin

Weapons Edit

Weapons in NetHack 3.2.2 are:

arrow) Arrow
elven arrow) Elven arrow
orcish arrow) Orcish arrow
silver arrow) Silver arrow
ya) Bamboo arrow
crossbow bolt) Crossbow bolt
dart) Dart
shuriken) Shuriken
boomerang) Boomerang
spear) Spear
elven spear) Elven spear
orcish spear) Orcish spear
dwarvish spear) Dwarvish spear
javelin) Javelin
trident) Trident
dagger) Dagger
elven dagger) Elven dagger
orcish dagger) Orcish dagger
athame) Athame
scalpel) Scalpel
knife) Knife
stiletto) Stiletto
worm tooth) Worm tooth
crysknife) Crysknife
axe) Axe
battle-axe) Battle-axe
short sword) Short sword
elven short sword) Elven short sword
orcish short sword) Orcish short sword
dwarvish short sword) Dwarvish short sword
scimitar) Scimitar
silver saber) Silver saber
broadsword) Broadsword
elven broadsword) Elven broadsword
long sword) Long sword
two-handed sword) Two-handed sword
katana) Katana
tsurugi) Tsurugi
runesword) Runesword
partisan) Partisan
ranseur) Ranseur
spetum) Spetum
glaive) Glaive
lance) Lance
halberd) Halberd
bardiche) Bardiche
voulge) Voulge
dwarvish mattock) Dwarvish mattock
fauchard) Fauchard
guisarme) Guisarme
bill-guisarme) Bill-guisarme
lucern hammer) Lucern hammer
bec de corbin) Bec de corbin
mace) Mace
morning star) Morning star
war hammer) War hammer
club) Club
rubber hose) Rubber hoseif KOPS defined at compile time
quarterstaff) Quarterstaff
aklys) Aklys
flail) Flail
bullwhip) Bullwhip
bow) Bow
elven bow) Elven bow
orcish bow) Orcish bow
yumi) Yumi
sling) Sling
crossbow) Crossbow

Tools Edit

Tools in NetHack 3.2.2 are:

large box( Large box
chest( Chest
ice box( Ice box
sack( Bag
oilskin sack( Bag
bag of holding( Bag
bag of tricks( Bag
skeleton key( Skeleton key
lock pick( Lock pick
credit card( Credit cardIf TOURIST defined at compile time
tallow candle( Candle
wax candle( Candle
brass lantern( Brass lantern
oil lamp( Lamp
magic lamp( Lamp
expensive camera( Expensive cameraIf TOURIST defined at compile time
mirror( Mirror
crystal ball( Crystal ball
blindfold( Blindfold
towel( Towel
leash( Leash
stethoscope( Stethoscope
tinning kit( Tinning kit
tin opener( Tin opener
can of grease( Can of grease
figurine( Figurine
magic marker( Magic marker
land mine( Landmine
beartrap( Beartrap
tin whistle( Whistle
magic whistle( Whistle
wooden flute( Flute
magic flute( Flute
tooled horn( Horn
frost horn( Horn
fire horn( Horn
horn of plenty( Horn
wooden harp( Harp
magic harp( Harp
bell( Bell
bugle( Bugle
leather drum( Drum
drum of earthquake( Drum
pick-axe( Pick-axe
unicorn horn( Unicorn horn
Candelabrum of Invocation( Candelabrum of Invocation
Bell of Opening( Bell of opening 320

Armor Edit

Armor items in NetHack 3.2.2 are:

elven leather helm[ Elven leather helm
orcish helm[ Orcish helm
dwarvish iron helm[ Dwarvish iron helm
fedora[ Fedora
cornuthaum[ Conical hat
dunce cap[ Conical hat
dented pot[ Dented pot
helmet[ Plumed helmet [ Etched helmet [ Crested helmet [ Visored helmet
helm of brilliance[ Plumed helmet [ Etched helmet [ Crested helmet [ Visored helmet
helm of opposite alignment[ Plumed helmet [ Etched helmet [ Crested helmet [ Visored helmet
helm of telepathy[ Plumed helmet [ Etched helmet [ Crested helmet [ Visored helmet
gray dragon scale mail[ Gray dragon scale mail
red dragon scale mail[ Red dragon scale mail
white dragon scale mail[ White dragon scale mail
orange dragon scale mail[ Orange dragon scale mail
black dragon scale mail[ Black dragon scale mail
blue dragon scale mail[ Blue dragon scale mail
green dragon scale mail[ Green dragon scale mail
yellow dragon scale mail[ Yellow dragon scale mail
gray dragon scales[ Gray dragon scales
red dragon scales[ Red dragon scales
white dragon scales[ White dragon scales
orange dragon scales[ Orange dragon scales
black dragon scales[ Black dragon scales
blue dragon scales[ Blue dragon scales
green dragon scales[ Green dragon scales
yellow dragon scales[ Yellow dragon scales
plate mail[ Plate mail
crystal plate mail[ Crystal plate mail
bronze plate mail[ Bronze plate mail
splint mail[ Splint mail
banded mail[ Banded mail
dwarvish mithril-coat[ Dwarvish mithril-coat
elven mithril-coat[ Elven mithril-coat
chain mail[ Chain mail
orcish chain mail[ Orcish chain mail
scale mail[ Scale mail
studded leather armor[ Studded leather armor
ring mail[ Ring mail
orcish ring mail[ Orcish ring mail
leather armor[ Leather armor
leather jacket[ Leather jacket
Hawaiian shirt[ Hawaiian shirtif TOURIST defined at compile time
T-shirt[ T-shirtif TOURIST defined at compile time
mummy wrapping[ Mummy wrapping
elven cloak[ Elven cloak
orcish cloak[ Orcish cloak
dwarvish cloak[ Dwarvish cloak
oilskin cloak[ Oilskin cloak
cloak of protection[ Tattered cape [ Opera cloak [ Ornamental cope [ Piece of cloth
cloak of invisibility[ Tattered cape [ Opera cloak [ Ornamental cope [ Piece of cloth
cloak of magic resistance[ Tattered cape [ Opera cloak [ Ornamental cope [ Piece of cloth
cloak of displacement[ Tattered cape [ Opera cloak [ Ornamental cope [ Piece of cloth
small shield[ Small shield
elven shield[ Elven shield
Uruk-hai shield[ Uruk-hai shield
orcish shield[ Orcish shield
large shield[ Large shield
dwarvish roundshield[ Dwarvish roundshield
shield of reflection[ Shield of reflection
leather gloves[ Leather gloves
gauntlets of fumbling[ Padded gloves Riding gloves Fencing gloves
gauntlets of power[ Padded gloves Riding gloves Fencing gloves
gauntlets of dexterity[ Padded gloves Riding gloves Fencing gloves
low boots[ Low boots
iron shoes[ Iron shoes 320
high boots[ High boots
speed boots[ Combat boots Jungle boots Hiking boots Mud boots Riding boots Snow boots
water walking boots[ Combat boots Jungle boots Hiking boots Mud boots Riding boots Snow boots
jumping boots[ Combat boots Jungle boots Hiking boots Mud boots Riding boots Snow boots
elven boots[ Combat boots Jungle boots Hiking boots Mud boots Riding boots Snow boots
fumble boots[ Combat boots Jungle boots Hiking boots Mud boots Riding boots Snow boots
levitation boots[ Combat boots Jungle boots Hiking boots Mud boots Riding boots Snow boots

Potions Edit

Potions in NetHack 3.2.2 have randomized appearances (except for water), occurring as one of ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !, or as tiles Ruby potion Pink potion Orange potion Yellow potion Emerald potion Dark green potion Cyan potion Sky blue potion Brilliant blue potion Magenta potion Purple-red potion Puce potion Milky potion Swirly potion Bubbly potion Smoky potion Cloudy potion Brown potion Fizzy potion Dark potion Murky potion 320. They are:

Scrolls Edit

All scrolls appear as ? Scroll.

Scrolls in NetHack 3.2.2 are:

Wands Edit

Wands in NetHack 3.2.2 have randomized appearances, occurring as one of / / / / / /, Glass wand Balsa wand Maple wand Pine wand Oak wand Ebony wand Marble wand Tin wand Brass wand Copper wand Silver wand Platinum wand Iridium wand Zinc wand Aluminum wand Uranium wand Iron wand Steel wand Hexagonal wand Short wand Runed wand Long wand Curved wand Forked wand Spiked wand Jeweled wand. They are:

Spellbooks Edit

Spellbooks in NetHack 3.2.2 have randomized appearances (except for blank paper and the Book of the Dead), occurring as one of + + + + + + + + + + + + + +, or tiles Parchment spellbook Vellum spellbook Ragged spellbook Dog eared spellbook Mottled spellbook Stained spellbook Cloth spellbook Leather spellbook White spellbook Pink spellbook Red spellbook Orange spellbook Yellow spellbook Light green spellbook Dark green spellbook Turquoise spellbook Cyan spellbook Light blue spellbook Dark blue spellbook Indigo spellbook Magenta spellbook Purple spellbook Violet spellbook Tan spellbook Plaid spellbook Light brown spellbook Dark brown spellbook Gray spellbook Wrinkled spellbook Dusty spellbook Bronze spellbook Copper spellbook Silver spellbook Gold spellbook Glittering spellbook Shining spellbook Dull spellbook Thin spellbook Thick spellbook. They are:

Rings Edit

Rings in NetHack 3.2.2 have randomized appearances, occurring as one of = = = = = = = = = = = =; tiles are Wooden ring Granite ring Coral ring Black onyx ring Moonstone ring Tiger eye ring Jade ring Agate ring Topaz ring Sapphire ring Ruby ring Diamond ring Pearl ring Iron ring Brass ring Copper ring Silver ring Gold ring Ivory ring Emerald ring Wire ring Engagement ring Shiny ring. They are:

Stones Edit

Stones in NetHack 3.2.2 are:

dilithium crystal* White gem
diamond* White gem
ruby* Red gem
sapphire* Blue gem
emerald* Green gem
turquoise stone* Green gem * Blue gem
aquamarine stone* Green gem * Blue gem
amber stone* Yellowish brown gem
topaz stone* Yellowish brown gem
opal stone* White gem
garnet stone* Red gem
amethyst stone* Violet gem
jasper stone* Red gem
fluorite stone* Violet gem * Blue gem * White gem * Green gem
jade stone* Green gem
luckstone* Gray stone
loadstone* Gray stone
flint stone* Gray stone
rock* Rock

and worthless pieces of white, blue, red, yellowish brown, green, and violet glass.

Other items Edit

Other items not appearing in the above categories are:

gold piece$ Gold piece
boulder` Boulder
statue` Statue
heavy iron ball0 Heavy iron ball
iron chain_ Iron chain

Blinding venom (. Blinding venom) and acid venom (. Acid venom) are also listed as objects, but they only exist while in flight, or when a wizard mode wish requests them.

References Edit

  1. rip.c, line 320, Dedication tombstone in 3.4.3 rip.c.

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