NetHack 1.4f is the second public release of NetHack. Mike Stephenson published it to the Usenet newsgroup and the moderator approved it in August 1987.

Availability Edit

NetHack 1.4f is distributed as a patch. The patch is in the form of an "ed script" and is difficult to apply on modern systems; some characters are interpreted differently by modern Unix shells, and the patch to invent.c appears to have been made against something other than the NetHack 1.3d distribution.

Google Groups has archived NetHack 1.4f; but the original source is more easily obtained from UUNet at [1]. The partXX.Z files in that directory are NetHack 1.3d; patch1.Z is the patch for NetHack 1.4f.

To use the patch, see How to apply the NetHack 1.4f patch.

Ali Harlow[2] has a NetHack 1.4f distribution at [3]. Wikihack has files from this distribution available for browsing and annotation.

Significant changes Edit

  • Turn undead command added.
  • Support for Turbo C.
  • Support for additional Unix clones.

The adventurer Edit

The player may choose from these roles:

All classes permit male and female adventurers, except the Valkyrie which must be female.

The adventurer has experience, hit points, magical energy, armor class, and strength. He may advance to experience level 14.

The initial pet is a little dog.

Dungeon features Edit

The dungeon in NetHack 1.4f has no branches; there is one way up and one way down. The first 25 levels or so consist of rooms, and beyond that, the adventurer encounters mazes. The deepest dungeon level is 40.

Dungeon level 30 and deeper are designated as "Hell". Entering hell without fire resistance, or losing it once there, is an instadeath. One can lose fire resistance by taking off the ring or by losing one's polymorph; this version does not have gremlins. These levels have only up-stairs, and the only way to enter is by level teleportation.

Special rooms are throne rooms, swamps, vaults, beehives, crypts, treasure zoos, and shops. Special features are pools, fountains, and thrones.

Traps are:

The Amulet of Yendor is found in the posession of the wizard of Yendor in a maze level. He is in a small room in the center of the maze, surrounded by water and accompanied by a hell hound.

Other maze levels have wands of wishing tucked under a boulder in a dead-end square. (Yes, there's more than one.) Since NetHack 3.1.0, one version of Medusa's lair has a random wand in a similar spot, commemorating the former location of the wand of wishing.

Bestiary Edit

NetHack 1.4f introduces no new monsters.

The following monsters may be encountered:

acid bloba 
demon lord&if HARD defined at compile time
demon prince&if HARD defined at compile time
dragonDAs the modern red dragon
floating eyeE 
fog cloudf 
freezing sphereF 
gelatinous cubeg 
giant antA 
giant beetleb 
giant eel; 
hell hounddDoes not have a breath weapon
killer beek 
large dogd 
little dogd 
lurker above' 
mail daemon2if MAIL defined at compile time
purple wormP 
quivering blobq 
rust monsterRReduces enchantment rather than truly rusting
umber hulkU 
violet fungiv"violet fungus" if KAA defined at compile time
wizard of Yendor1 
yellow lighty 
Keystone KopKif KOPS defined at compile time (default)
koboldKif KOPS not defined at compile time
rock molerif ROCKMOLE defined at compile time (default)
giant ratrif ROCKMOLE not defined at compile time
quantum mechanicQif KAA defined at compile time (default)
quasitQif KAA not defined at compile time
giant spidersif SPIDERS defined at compile time (default)
scorpionsif SPIDERS not defined at compile time
long wormwif NOWORM not defined at compile time (default)
wumpuswif NOWORM defined at compile time

Objects Edit

No new objects are introduced in NetHack 1.4f.

Artifacts Edit

NetHack 1.4f has two artifacts.

Any two handed sword may be named Orcrist and will do d10 extra points damage to orcs. There can even be more than one Orcrist.

The method of obtaining Excalibur is different from modern versions. One must first name a long sword Excalibur and then #dip it into a fountain. Excalibur has no special properties, but when so dipped, it becomes +5 (if not already higher) and rustproof, and any curse is removed. As with Orcrist, there can be more than one Excalibur. Although crowning exists, it does not grant Excalibur.

Amulets Edit

Only the Amulet of Yendor and the cheap plastic imitation exist in NetHack 1.4f.

Food Edit

Food items in NetHack 1.4f are:

The tin did not contain the remains of monsters, but rather a randomly-chosen food such as peaches or, if the adventurer is lucky, spinach.

The dead lizard is a found object rather than a corpse; live lizards do not exist in NetHack 1.4f. It otherwise has its modern properties in this version.

Weapons Edit

Weapons in NetHack 1.4f are:

Tools Edit

Tools in NetHack 1.4f are:

The ice box is the only container. Then as now, it preserved corpses, and was generally too heavy (and too rare) to be useful for inventory management.

Armor Edit

Armor items in NetHack 1.4f are:

Potions Edit

Potions in NetHack 1.4f are:

Scrolls Edit

Scrolls in NetHack 1.4f are:

The scroll of damage weapon acts as the modern scroll of enchant weapon does when cursed. The scroll of genocide acts, in all cases, as the modern blessed scroll; but most symbols refer to only one monster anyway.

Wands Edit

Wands in NetHack 1.4f are:

Spellbooks Edit

Spellbooks in NetHack 1.4f are:

Rings Edit

Rings in NetHack 1.4f are:

Because charisma does not exist in NetHack 1.4f, the ring of adornment is a useless item.

Gems Edit

Gems in NetHack 1.4f are:

and worthless pieces of blue, red, yellow, and green glass.

Other items Edit

Other items not appearing in the above categories are:

It is not possible to pick up an iron chain, nor can they be generated from iron golems, because these do not exist in NetHack 1.4f.

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