A nasty normally refers to a monster that can be summoned by means of the summon nasties monster spell:

There also exists an M2_NASTY monster flag, which has an influence on the experience the monster gains and what weapons they might be generated with, but is otherwise independent from the above description of nasties:


In SLASH'EM, the following monsters are also considered "nasty" for purposes of the summon nasties spell.

  • V, vampire mage
  • :, rhaumbusun
  • :, basilisk
  • c, pyrolisk
  • o, demon orc
  • q, mastodon
  • w, rot worm
  • o, snow orc
  • D, silver dragon

The following monsters also have the M2_NASTY flag set.

  • a, tsetse fly
  • n, quickling
  • q, catoblepas
  • s, carrion crawler
  • w, rot worm
  • z, kangaroo
  • J, vorpal jabberwock
  • P, shoggoth
  • P, giant shoggoth
  •  , shadow
  • :, rhaumbusun
  • all new angelic beings
  • all new adult dragons, including wyverns D and hydras D
  • all new vampires
  • all new major demons, except spined devils
  • all new quest nemeses
  • Nightmare u, Beholder e, and Vecna L
  • all other new unique monsters (except One-Eyed Sam)
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