Multishot refers to the ability to sometimes throw or fire more than one missile in a single move.

The multishot counter starts at 1, and is modified as follows:

Racial bonuses are based on your starting race, not your current race. For example, a human polymorphed into an orc will not fire an extra orcish arrow from his orcish bow, but an orc polymorphed into a mountain centaur will get the bonus.

The actual number of missiles fired is d(multishot), or 1 to your multishot counter, inclusive, but no higher than the number of missiles in the stack.

You may cap the number of missiles fired or thrown with the n command, e.g. "n1f4" ("1fh" in vi-mode) to fire one missile to the left. You will fire the lesser of the number of missiles you chose and the number you would otherwise have fired, i.e. this will not allow you to fire more missiles, only fewer.

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