The mood ring is a SLASH'EM item. It has no effect when worn or eaten, but can be read for a clue about your alignment. For this to work, you must be wearing the ring, it must not be cursed, and you must not be blind or hallucinating. The following table shows the colors it can glow and what they mean (thanks to Darshan Shaligram for this information).

An alignment of...Edit

  • 14 or more will glow Green
  • 4-13 will glow Yellow
  • 1-3 will glow Orange
  • 0 or less will glow Red

The message obtained by dropping a mood ring down a sink is "The sink looks groovy".

Strategy Because this ring provides no passive bonus of any kind, it is best to put it on, read it, then immediately take it off; else you suffer from unnecessary ring hunger.

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