Certain types of monsters may be created with[1] objects in their starting inventory appropriate to their species. A pretty comprehensive spoiler can be found here. Additionally, they may be eligible for a random offensive item, miscellaneous item, and/or defensive item.

Spiders and snakes generated during initial level generation get a random item on top of them (to hide under).

Monster starting inventory can provide valuable hints at the true identities of objects with randomized appearances.


In addition to any other items, monsters can also get armor. This includes all members of the Yendorian army, as well as guards, watchmen, watch captains, and mummies. Armor items spawned are based on a complex mechanism to approximate the target AC of the given creature.

In addition, there is a unique 6 in 7 chance for a mummy to get a mummy wrapping.

Death dropsEdit

Sometimes, random objects (death drops) can be found on a monster's corpse it did not have when alive if it was killed by the player.[2] Also, golems, dragons, long worms, unicorns, and some unique monsters get certain appropriate non-random "death drops".


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