Missiles in NetHack come in two forms. Those that are shot from a missile launcher, and those that are thrown.

The shot missiles are:

The thrown missiles are:

The shot missiles can also be thrown in the absence of a launcher, but they will be less effective.

Arrows, crossbow bolts, darts, and shurikens may disappear when thrown. Blessing missiles lowers the chance of them disappearing after they've been fired/thrown by an amount that depends on your luck.

Valkyries can throw Mjollnir if they have 25 strength. It will return to them when thrown, usually returning to their hand, but more likely falling at their feet or hitting them if they are confused, stunned, or hallucinating.


In fact, anything can be used as a missile. Cockatrice eggs make popular missiles, and so do various potions.

Missiles are good for softening targets from afar. Anything can even be shot and thrown past boulders, which is often advantageous in Sokoban.

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