There are 3 "migo" monsters in SLASH'EM: migo drone (a), migo warrior (a) and migo queen (a). The drones and warriors can be randomly generated, whereas the queens can only appear in migohives or from the summon insects spell. Unlike most a they are all able to pick up and use items such as scrolls, wands and potions.

Migo droneEdit

A migo drone is the least dangerous of the migos. It does very little physical damage, although its sting is poisonous. It does appear in large groups, however, and thus may swarm the character. Still, it is not much of a threat even then, not being particularly fast or strong.

Migo warriorEdit

A migo warrior is the next step up from a migo drone. They can be somewhat annoying to get rid of, owing to their relatively low AC and relatively high amount of hit points. They are not a huge threat though, as they do comparatively little damage for their level and appear only in small groups. They are, however, tougher than most a, and so can impede your movement if many appear from summon insects. A migo drone will grow up into a migo warrior at level 10, but a migo warrior cannot grow up into a migo queen[1].

Migo queenEdit

Migo queens are thankfully rarely seen, as they are not randomly generated and only appear in migohives. They have a sting which drains intelligence and causes amnesia in the manner of a mind flayer, as well as a bite which does a large amount of physical damage. One should make sure to watch out for them appearing via summon insects, as this can happen occasionally, especially with the large numbers of a that the priests on Astral or in Moloch's Sanctum will summon. When meeting these in hand-to-hand combat, a greased helmet is advised.

References Edit

  1. source:SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F2/mondata.c#629

Encyclopaedia entryEdit

These strange beings are visitors from another realm. An
unusual symbiotic relationship exists between the intelligent
fungus and the insectoid form that comprises the bulk of its
body. They are said to have access to great magical powers.
Their queens have been known to steal human brains, taking
them back to distant Yuggoth.
Migo are also known as the Fungi from Yuggoth.

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