The Master Assassin, @, is the Rogue quest nemesis.

Reaching him generally proves to be more difficult than fighting him, due to the design of the level. While the Master Assassin can be very annoying, if you're a competent fighter, he doesn't pose much of a threat to you. However, he has a nasty habit of teleporting into the lower left corner of his level (the area that is inaccessible to you while in the larger middle portion) and healing himself. There are a few good ways to take him out quickly and easily:

Zap Him! Zap him with a wand of death to get rid of him instantly. It's entirely likely that you won't have a wand of death at this point, so:

Gas Him! You know that potion of sickness you start the game with? Throw it at him and he'll soon be gone.

Put Him Down! Throw a potion of sleeping or paralysis at him and then beat his head in. If resistant, wield it to make it hit.

Alternatively, after he lands on the upstairs, leave the level via whatever means you have prepared and re-enter. This will remove the whole "hard to reach" part of the conflict and reduce it to a basic boss fight.

Instead of reaching him directly, you can also use a drum of earthquake to wake him up from the bottom right part of the left segment. Relevant to SLASH'EM, you need at least experience level 13 for this method.

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