The marilith, &, is a demon in NetHack. They can deal damage extremely quickly due to their possessing six attacks per move.


Mariliths are given two weapon attacks and four 2d4 claw attacks. Mariliths cannot #twoweapon (or #sixweapon), instead this is realized as two attacks with its primary weapon followed by the claw attacks. Since the primary weapon could be highly enchanted or a powerful artifact -- or both -- mariliths are interesting as a pet or even as a self-polymorph target. Mariliths are demons, so a pet marilith will not wield a silver weapon. (You, however, are oddly not seared by wielding a silver weapon as a marilith.) Also, a pet marilith, like other intelligent weapon-using monsters, will not wield a cross-aligned artifact.

Note that polymorphing into a marilith can break worn armor, and that mariliths cannot wear boots, shirts or body armor. Fortunately, mariliths have excellent natural AC, as some compensation.

Encyclopedia entry Edit

The marilith has a torso shaped like that of a human female,
and the lower body of a great snake. It has multiple arms,
and can freely attack with all of them. Since it is
intelligent enough to use weapons, this means it can cause
great damage.

Quotes Edit

The Marilith has been known to say (here is the complete list):

"Verily thy corpse could not smell worse!"
"Up thy nose with a rubber hose!"
"Go ahead, fetch thy mama! I shall wait."
"This time I shall let thee off with a spanking, but let it not happen again."
"Thinkest thou it shall tickle as I rip out thy lungs?"
"Doth pain excite thee? Wouldst thou prefer the whip?"
"Eat slime and die!"
"Come here often?"
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