( Whistle.png
Name magic whistle
Appearance whistle
Cost 10 zm
Weight 3

A magic whistle is a tool which appears as a whistle when unidentified. When you apply a non-cursed magic whistle, any pets on the level will be teleported next to you. Even pets that are otherwise unable to move will be summoned, although they will still be unable to move. This is immensely useful both for keeping pets with you without a tedious wait at every down staircase and for speeding up the process of stealing from shops with the aid of a pet.

A magic whistle can easily be distinguished from an ordinary tin whistle by the sound it makes.

A blessed eucalyptus leaf can also be used as a magic whistle when applied.


You produce a strange whistling sound.
You applied a non-cursed magic whistle, or a cursed magic whistle (50% chance).
You produce a high-pitched humming noise.
You applied a cursed magic whistle (50% chance).
You produce a normal whistling sound.
You applied a magic whistle while hallucinating


When your pet accidentally steps on a polymorph trap and turns into some immobile monster you can still save it with a magic whistle. Just stand next to the trap (where your pet probably still stands) and keep whistling until you see some decent pet (e.g. a dragon).

Being fairly common magical tools it is a good idea to collect magic whistles. You can then try to polypile your surplus ones into magic markers.