Monsters have innate magic resistance, also known as MR. This is separate from the magic resistance provided via various worn or carried items. It is given as a number between 0 and 100. This is frequently given as a percentage, although this is not entirely accurate.

Monsters' magic resistance allows them to resist various attacks, generally of a "magical" nature. It is handled by the resist()[1] function. If a monster successfully resists an attack, it takes roughly half damage.

The chance of a monster resisting is given as follows:

Chance = MR/(100 + (attack level) - (defense level))[2]

which is only equal to MR as a percentage when attack and defense level are equal.

Attack level is calculated as follows:

Source Attack Level
spell Caster's level
wand, polytrap[3] 12
tool 10
weapon 10
scroll 9
potion 6
ring 5

Defense level is the level of the defending monster (max 50).

All this also determines the chance monsters (including pets) resist conflict. Conflict always counts as ring.

So at level 30, the Riders are truly magic resistant, but & Pestilence and & Famine can be affected if their level is drained (& Death is resistant to drain life).

Monsters can also gain "regular" magic resistance by wearing a cloak of magic resistance, gray dragon scale (mail), Magicbane, or certain quest artifacts. However, its scope is strictly smaller than monster magic resistance. For example, taming and conflict are not affected, while polymorph traps become ineffective.


"Foo resists!"
A monster resisted an attack. Shown only in some cases.

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