Loki is the chaotic god of the Valkyrie pantheon.

Encyclopedia entryEdit

Loki, or Lopt, is described in Snorri's _Edda_ as being
"pleasing and handsome in appearance, evil in character, and
very capricious in behaviour". He is the son of the giant
Farbauti and of Laufey.
Loki is the Norse god of cunning, evil, thieves, and fire.
He hated the other gods and wanted to ruin them and overthrow
the universe. He committed many murders. As a thief, he
stole Freyja's necklace, Thor's belt and gauntlets of power,
and the apples of youth. Able to shapechange at will, he is
said to have impersonated at various times a mare, flea, fly,
falcon, seal, and an old crone. As a mare he gave birth to
Odin's horse Sleipnir. He also allegedly sired the serpent
Jörmundgandur, the mistress of the netherworld, Hel, and the wolf
Fenrir, who will devour the sun at Ragnarok.

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