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levitation boots
Appearance random
Slot boots
AC 1
Cost 30 zm
Weight 15
Material leather

Levitation boots are boots that cause the wearer to levitate.

Levitation boots have a 90% chance of being generated cursed,[1] which can be a problem if you have no holy water or scrolls of remove curse. However, cursed levitation is considered a major trouble, so your god is likely remove the curse if you pray while wearing them.

Levitating over a sink removes any sources of levitation and causes you to crash to the ground; this can be useful in removing cursed levitation boots.

There is a chance that the statue of Perseus on Medusa's Island will contain a pair of levitation boots: 75% for the titan version of level, and 25% for the other version.

They can be identified because of their weight 15, shared only with kicking boots and elven boots. One practical way of testing is to pick up just enough rocks and gold not to be burdened, pick up the boots, and count the rocks and gold you need to drop to un-burden you.

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