To level teleport (or levelport) is to teleport to another level (as opposed to somewhere else on one's current level). This is extremely dangerous without teleport control, as it can deposit you just about anywhere (including below the point you are equipped to handle safely), but with teleport control it is an incredibly useful tool.

When arriving at a level by means of levelporting, you are placed randomly on the level, unless the teleport region is restricted in the special level file. Therefore it is a useful tool for entering Moloch's Sanctum due to the chance of it placing you near the altar and the high priest of Moloch.

Level teleportation can be achieved by:

Restrictions on level teleporting Edit

  • You cannot level teleport from or into Fort Ludios.
  • The Quest branch has its own separate level numbers. You cannot levelport into or out of the Quest branch, and any controlled levelport inside the branch uses the Quest level numbers (so "1" is the Home level and "3" is the Locate level, even if the Quest portal is on level 14). You cannot levelport below level 1 until you have permission to begin the Quest.
  • You cannot levelport from above the Valley of the Dead to below it; you will end up in the Valley instead. You can levelport from below the Valley to above it, and may levelport into the Valley from any level, or to any level from the Valley.
  • You cannot levelport into Moloch's Sanctum until you perform the Invocation, however, importantly, once you have performed the invocation ritual, you can levelport in without having visited the Sanctum.
  • You cannot levelport while carrying the Amulet of Yendor.
  • You cannot levelport in the Endgame, except in Wizard mode. Even in Wizard mode, you can only levelport to the next or further Planes.
  • Levelporting to level 0 or a negative level will irretrievably end the game, for one of several reasons. This is only possible with teleport control; an uncontrolled levelport will never take you above level 1. The exceptions are in Wizard mode, either with the Amulet, where levelporting to -1 through -5 takes you to the appropriate Plane, or without the Amulet but with flight (e.g. polymorphed into a winged gargoyle; levitation is not enough), where levelporting to any negative level deposits you on the Plane of Earth with the Amulet.
  • You cannot enter the Wizard's tower area in Gehennom by levelporting. If you have teleport control and target one of the three tower levels, you will not leave the area either. This is useful to save time on the zoo.

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