A leocrotta is a fast, hard-hitting monster that can easily maul a low-level player. A leocrotta is an ugly mix of a stag, lion and badger, having the lion's body, badger's head and stag's legs. Often appearing before a character can be fully prepared, they're a common cause of death.

When #chatted to, you will get the message "The leocrotta imitates you."


Low-level characters, especially those that don't specialise in attacks, are well advised to escape using any means possible. Strong ranged attacks are helpful but leocrottas are very fast and may be able to close the gap before they can be put down. Leocrottas respect Elbereth so engraving or burning that can be effective.

Leocrottas have no resistances so wands of cold, fire and lightning can kill them very quickly. As with the other quadrupeds, putting a leocrotta to sleep is an effective tactic if you have the means to do so.

If you're forced into melee combat with a leocrotta, a high damage weapon and decent AC is prefered. Because leocrottas get so many attacks per turn a small improvement in AC can give a big reduction in damage taken. Fighting from the stairs and walking to a different level to escape and heal is a good idea.

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