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Kobold is the monster class whose monsters are represented by k. The four members of this class are described below.

All kobolds are poisonous to eat, and do not convey poison resistance. Notably, kobolds (except kobold shamans) are nearly always found carrying several darts. According to German Mythology, Kobolds normally start out as benevolent nix, but are either ignored or angered by humans, causing them to act out, or in this case, attack.


A kobold is one of the easiest low-level monsters. It does 1d4 damage with a weapon. A pet kobold will "grunt" when #chatted to, and will pick up and equip weapons, and pieces of armor that fit.

Large koboldEdit

Kobolds can grow up to be large kobolds.

Kobold lordEdit

Kobold shamanEdit

Kobold shamans are among the lowest-level spellcasting monsters in NetHack. Typically, they can only cast psi bolt, cure self, and haste self.

Encyclopedia entry Edit

The race of kobolds are reputed to be an artificial creation
of a master wizard (demi-god?). They are about 3' tall with
a vaguely dog-like face. They bear a violent dislike of the
Elven race, and will go out of their way to cause trouble
for Elves at any time.

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