A killer bee, a, is a monster which is usually generated in large groups. They tend to be faster than you, so they can get more than one sting in each turn. Sometimes their sting is poisoned, which can kill you if you are not resistant.


Killer bees are fast, but weak. A medium-level character with a good chance to hit can often finish them off in one hit. This works best if you fight them in corridors where only one can sting you at a time. For low-level, slow, burdened or non-poison-resistant characters, discretion is the better part of valor. High magic cancellation will offer considerable protection against the poisonous sting. Have an escape route handy if you find yourself suddenly surrounded by these little nasties. Elbereth can offer some breathing room.

Although killer bee corpses are poisonous, they offer a high chance (30%) of granting poison resistance, which you might like to take advantage of, especially if you have a temporary source of poison resistance like an amulet versus poison or a ring of poison resistance or at least a ring of sustain ability.


Killer bees can be acquired as pets from eggs; they are superb early-game companions. They can level high enough to take on watch-captains in Minetown, have a high base AC and stinging attacks that can instantly kill non-resisting targets, and they do not eat corpses. Their carrying capacity is quite limited however, rendering them less than ideal for stealing from shops.

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This giant variety of its useful normal cousin normally
appears in small groups, looking for raw material to produce
the royal jelly needed to feed their queen. On rare
occasions, one may stumble upon a bee-hive, in which the
queen bee is being well provided for, and guarded against

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