SLASH'EM adds a number of new jelly monsters. With the exception of the clear jelly, all possess an acidic engulfing attack, a passive attack, and cause acid damage when eaten.

Clear jelly Edit

The clear jelly has the ability to conceal itself, so adventurers may not see it until they stumble into it.

Although it has an acid attack, eating it will not damage you. In fact, it can actually give you cold resistance.

Yellow jelly Edit

The yellow jelly possesses a passive stun attack in addition to the acidic engulfing. Eating the corpse of a yellow jelly will cause hallucination in addition to acid damage.

Orange jelly Edit

The orange jelly posssesses a passive sleep attack in addition to the acidic engulfing. Avoid attacking them in melee if you do not possess sleep resistance.

Rancid jelly Edit

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