This is a list of Japanese words used in the Samurai quest, and translations thereof. (Note: All Japanese words in the game are their own plural - so you speak of countless teki, seven samurai, etc.)

  • Kami- god, spirit
  • Teki- enemy
  • Daimyo- lord
  • Ronin- masterless samurai
  • Kyokaku- city rebel
  • Ryoshu- a leader of a large territory
  • Shogun- warlord that effectively ruled all of Nippon
  • Donjon- keep, estate
  • Cha-no-you- tea ceremony
  • Bushido- warrior code
  • Sake, saki- rice wine
  • -san- honorific, roughly equal to "mister," but gender-neutral
  • -sama- honorific, more respectful than "san"
  • Hara-kiri- ritual suicide by impaling oneself on one's sword
    • Seppuku- another word for the same act
  • Wakarimasu- understand, as in "do you understand?"
  • Matsu- to wait
  • Ikaga desu ka- how are you doing?
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