Intelligent artifacts are those that have special usage requirements. In order to safely use them, you must:

Otherwise, you will be blasted by the artifact, sustain 4d10 damage (2d10 if you have magic resistance), and abuse your wisdom. If you are of the wrong role, and fail any of the other conditions above, then a quest artifact will "evade your grasp", and you will not be able to touch it.

It is possible to get around the first limitation using a helm of opposite alignment. If, for example, you are lawful but want to wish for The Master Key of Thievery, you can wear the helm, switching to chaotic, then wish for the artifact, then uncurse and take off the helm. You won't be able to touch the key, and if you drop it you won't be able to pick it up again. However, the key still provides its special benefits like half physical damage while carried.

Intelligent artifacts have a chance of resisting curses.

List of intelligent artifactsEdit


In SLASH'EM the alignment keys at the end of the alignment quests are also intelligent. Since SLASH'EM's intelligent artifacts blast you for 8d10 damage (6d10 if you have magic resistance), be prepared for some serious HP loss at the end of a cross-aligned quest. This is particularly a concern if you're planning to pick up the quest artifact (most likely to happen with the Hand of Vecna) as well as the key, since these may still blast you for 8d6 damage (6d6 with magic resistance). Be especially careful if you've taken damage on the way there or will take damage on the way back to the portal.

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