An insect is represented by the character a. Insects are:


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This giant variety of the ordinary ant will fight just as fiercely as its small, distant cousin. Various varieties exist, and they are known and feared for their relentless persecution of their victims.


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This giant variety of its useful normal cousin normally appears in small groups, looking for raw material to produce the royal jelly needed to feed their queen. On rare occasions, one may stumble upon a bee-hive, in which the queen bee is being well provided for, and guarded against intruders.

Other insectsEdit

  • a Giant beetle
  • In SporkHack, there is also the Locust, represented by a a. These have a sickness attack and appear in small groups. Though not as directly deadly as soldier ants, their sickness makes them a significant threat.

Non-insectoid arthropodsEdit

Mythical/Fantastic insectsEdit


Hostile priests can cast Summon insects, particularly in Moloch's Sanctum and the Astral Plane. If all insects have been genocided, they will cast Sticks to Snakes instead.


It is not a good idea to genocide any species of insect, as they provide a valuable barrier between you and far tougher monsters in the Sanctum and Astral Plane. Some players make an exception for Soldier ants, as they pose a particular hazard in the early game.

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