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Human is a monster attribute that indicates that a monster should be considered human.[1] It has many effects, but most significantly it helps determine whether your actions constitute cannibalism, same-race sacrifice, or murder.

The human attribute should not be confused with the @ monster symbol, even though they overlap significantly. For example, Kops are human but not @, and elves are @ but not human.

Monsters Edit

The following 71 monsters have the human attribute, M2_HUMAN:

K Keystone Kop
Keystone Kop Kop Sergeant Kop Lieutenant Kop Kaptain
@ human or elf
human wererat werejackal werewolf doppelganger
nurse shopkeeper guard prisoner Oracle
aligned priest high priest soldier sergeant lieutenant
captain watchman watch captain Wizard of Yendor Croesus
archeologist barbarian caveman cavewoman healer
knight monk priest priestess ranger
rogue samurai tourist valkyrie wizard
Lord Carnarvon Pelias Shaman Karnov Hippocrates King Arthur
Grand Master Arch Priest Orion Master of Thieves Lord Sato
Twoflower Norn Neferet the Green Thoth Amon Master Kaen
Master Assassin Ashikaga Takauji Dark One student chieftain
neanderthal attendant page abbot acolyte
hunter thug ninja roshi guide
warrior apprentice

Effect Edit

The human attribute is used to determine the following things:


In the source, the human attribute is represented by the macro M2_HUMAN.[1]

Encyclopedia entryEdit

These strange creatures live mostly on the surface of the
earth, gathering together in societies of various forms, but
occasionally a stray will descend into the depths and commit
mayhem among the dungeon residents who, naturally, often
resent the intrusion of such beasts. They are capable of
using weapons and magic, and it is even rumored that the
Wizard of Yendor is a member of this species.


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