A horn is a tool, and is one of:

All horns except for the horn of plenty are musical instruments.

All horns weigh 18. All horns cost 50 Zm, except for the tooled horn which costs 15 Zm.

The unicorn horn is also technically a horn, but it does not share the same appearance as the other horns.

Encyclopaedia entryEdit

Roland hath set the Olifant to his mouth,
He grasps it well, and with great virtue sounds.
High are those peaks, afar it rings and loud,
Thirty great leagues they hear its echoes mount.
So Charles heard, and all his comrades round;
Then said that King: "Battle they do, our counts!"
And Guenelun answered, contrarious:
"That were a lie, in any other mouth."
        [ The Song of Roland ]

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