Helms are one of the seven slots for armor. Their primary use is protecting your head and cranium, especially against mind flayers. The most popular helms to carry are helm of telepathy, helm of brilliance, and elven leather helm. Cornuthaums are occasionally used by wizards, and a helm of opposite alignment is often used on the ascension run.

The helm of telepathy grants extrinsic telepathy, similar to an amulet of ESP. HoB will increase your intelligence and wisdom by its enchantment, so +5 HoB and 18 Int and 17 Wis will produce 23 Int and 22 Wis. Elven leather helms can take a higher enchantment than other items and weigh less than most other helms: 3 wt versus 50.

List of helmsEdit

Name COST WGT AC Material Appearance Effect
Fedora 1 3 0 Cloth
Dunce cap 1 4 0 Cloth Conical hat Autocurses when worn; Int = 6, Wis = 6
Cornuthaum 80 4 0 Cloth Conical hat MC2; Clairvoyance, Ch+1 for wizards; blocks Clairvoyance, Ch-1 for non-wizards
Elven leather helm 8 3 1 Leather Leather hat Can be Enchanted to +7
Orcish helm 10 30 1 Iron Iron skull cap
Dented pot 8 10 1 Iron
Dwarvish iron helm 20 40 2 Iron Hard hat
Helmet (kabuto) 10 30 1 Iron ****
Helm of brilliance 50 50 1 Iron **** Int and Wis +/- enchantment amount; doesn't hinder Spellcasting
Helm of opposite alignment 50 50 1 Iron **** Autocurses when worn; opposite Alignment
Helm of telepathy 50 50 1 Iron **** Grants Telepathy

The helms marked **** in the chart above have their appearances randomized from:

   plumed    etched    crested    visored

Of these, the visored helmet is always special. It protects against the blinding attack of ravens and the venom-spitting attack of cobras.

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