Heck² patch
Author Kelly Bailey
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Bilious PatchDB 78

The Heck² patch provides a collection of special levels to replace some of the maze levels in Gehennom. The new levels consist of fixed designs amid random mazes; the placement of levels into the dungeon is random. The patch is against NetHack 3.4.2 but also works with 3.4.3. The patch has a home page.

The patch makes extensive use of the des-file format, often ordering multiple MAP and MAZEWALK commands to produce the new levels.

There are five groups of Heck² levels: heck-a, heck-b, heck-c, heck-d, heck-e. Each game has a 25% chance of a heck-a level, a 50% chance of a heck-b level, a 75% chance of a heck-c level, a 100% chance of a single heck-d level, and four of the heck-e levels.

The heck-a levels include:

  1. Demogorgon escorted by two shriekers
  2. Dispater escorted by green slimes and disenchanters
  3. mind flayers and master mind flayers
  4. Geryon escorted by doppelgangers and werewolves
  5. iron bars and iron golems
  6. liches
  7. Yeenoghu escorted by minotaurs

The heck-b levels include:

  1. a cross-shaped level
  2. a room with many trolls
  3. a stream of lava with red dragons
  4. a maze of lava
  5. a dark, open region
  6. a small pool with kraken
  7. parallel, vertical corridors
  8. hidden closets

The heck-c, heck-d, and heck-e levels are less exceptional, but they insert open areas into the maze and sometimes unusual features like pillars or rounded rooms; they also insert solid wall, sometimes reshaping a level like 'm' or 'w'.

The biodiversity patch incorporates the Heck² patch.

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