Healing is recovery of lost hit points and is vital to your survival in NetHack.

Healing yourself Edit

You heal naturally over time, at a rate which increases with your constitution and experience level. Wearing a ring of regeneration causes you to heal 1 HP per turn in addition to your natural healing but also increases your food consumption by 50%.

When you need to heal fast, the following can come in handy. Some have other beneficial effects in addition to restoring your HP:

Healing others Edit

Sometimes it is useful to heal your pets. You can cast healing spells at them or hit them over the head with healing potions. In addition, monsters that can cast spells might have a healing spell in their repertoire of monster spells, but will only cast it on themselves.


SLASH'EM has several other ways to heal yourself and others:

See also Edit

For recovery from conditions other than low HP, such as sickness or lycanthropy, see the specific pages on each condition.

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