While hallucinating, you may encounter some unexpected messages. The following is a comprehensive list of the available messages.

You feel less trippy now.
Your period of confusion wore off.[1]
You feel less wobbly now.
Your period of stunning wore off.[2]
Far out! Everything is all cosmic again!
Your period of blindness wore off.[3]
Your vision seems to brighten but is sadder now.
Your period of blindness wore off, while wearing the Eyes of the Overworld.[4]
Oh, bummer! Everything is dark! Help!
You became blind.[5]
Your vision seems to brighten but is happier now.
You became blind while wearing the Eyes of the Overworld.[6]
As you open the bottle, an enormous <monster> emerges!
You quaffed a milky potion and a ghost appeared.[7]
You have a normal feeling for a moment, then it passes.
You quaffed a potion with no net effect, or whenever you would have a strange feeling.[8]
This tastes like (watered down) dandelion wine!
You quaffed a potion of booze.[9]
Yecch! This tastes overripe.
You quaffed a cursed potion of fruit juice or potion of see invisible.[10]
This tastes like 10% real (reconstituted) all-natural beverage.
You quaffed a non-cursed potion of fruit juice or potion of see invisible.[11]
You are shocked back to your senses!
You quaffed a potion of sickness to end hallucination.[12]
What a trippy feeling!
You quaffed a potion of confusion.[13]
This tastes tangy.
You quaffed a potion of acid while acid resistant.[14]
You feel a little normal.
You quaffed or were hit by a potion of polymorph.[15]
You hear a voice say, "It's dead, Jim."
You applied a stethoscope down at a corpse.[16]
You produce a normal whistling sound.
You applied a non-cursed (or cursed, half of the time) magic whistle.[17]
Yow! The mirror stares back!
You applied a mirror to yourself, while polymorphed into a floating eye.[18]
You look <color>.
You applied a mirror to yourself, while not polymorphed into a floating eye, umber hulk, or any V.[19]
You give the fish a chance to fix their makeup.
You applied a mirror in a direction while underwater.[20]
You suddenly feel trippy.
You became confused via a cursed unicorn horn[21]
Oh, wow, look at the pretty shards.
You destroyed a gem by rubbing it against a cursed touchstone while not blind.[22]
Oh wow, man: Fractals!
You rubbed a gem against a noncursed touchstone while not blind.[23]
You give yourself a facial.
You applied a cream pie.[24]
Your body takes on a normal transparency…
You invoked an artifact to become invisible.[25]
Your body takes on a normal transparency…
You ate a ring of invisibility.[26]
A normal force teleports you away…
You were killed by a falling drawbridge, but were lifesaved.[27]
<Monster> drinks the <lava/moat> and disappears.
A monster was forced into the moat/lava by the drawbridge and died.[28]
<Monster> gets into some heavy metal!
A monster was killed by a destroyed drawbridge.[29]
You sense something nearby.
You used object detection.[30]
You get the heebie jeebies.
You used monster detection without any monsters on the level, while not a beginner.[31]
All you see is funky <color> haze.
You applied an uncharged crystal ball while not blind.[32]
You grok some groovy globs of incandescent lava.
You successfully applied a charged crystal ball.[33]
Whoa! Psychedelic colors, (babe/dude)!
You successfully applied a charged crystal ball.[34]
The crystal pulses with sinister <color> light!
You successfully applied a charged crystal ball.[35]
You see goldfish swimming above fluorescent rocks.
You successfully applied a charged crystal ball.[36]
You see tiny snowflakes spinning around a miniature farmhouse.
You successfully applied a charged crystal ball.[37]
Oh wow... like a kaleidoscope!
You successfully applied a charged crystal ball.[38]
Dude! The living dead!
You dug up a grave, creating a zombie.[39]
I want my mummy!
You dug up a grave, creating a mummy.[40]
There is a <color> flash as <object> hits the altar.
You dropped a cursed or blessed object on an altar.[41]
Whoa! Everything looks different.
You arrive on a level you forgot.[42]
Whoa! Everything seems different.
You arrive on a level you forgot, while blind.[43]
You are surrounded by twisty little passages, all alike.
You arrive on a level you forgot.[44]
Gee, this looks like uncle Conan's place…
You arrive on a level you forgot.[45]
Gee, this seems like uncle Conan's place…
You arrive on a level you forgot, while blind.[46]
You feel bummed for a moment.
Your pet starved.[47]
You can't kick something that's in a tizzy!
You attempted to kick something in a (spiked) pit or web.[48]
You would never recognize it anyway.
You attempted to Call a monster something.[49]
My brain hurts!
You put on a dunce cap or helm of opposite alignment.[50]
What a pity - you just ruined a future piece of (fine) art!
You fixed petrification. Message will say "fine art" if charisma is over 15.[51]
You be chillin'.
You gained fire resistance.[52]
You feel totally together, man.
You gained disintegration resistance.[53]
You feel grounded in reality.
You gained shock resistance.[54]
You feel diffuse.
You gained teleportitis.[55]
You feel centered in your personal space.
You gained teleport control.[56]
You feel in touch with the cosmos.
You gained telepathy[57]
You can't resist the temptation to mimic an orange.
You ate a m corpse.[58]
You suddenly dread being peeled and mimic <race> again.
Your mimicking timeout ended.[59]
You feel rather trippy.
You became confused via eating rotten food.[60]
Oh wow, like, superior, man!
You ate a food ration while hungry or worse.[61]
Tastes great! Less filling!
You ate a tripe ration while an orc.[62]
My, that was a primo <fruit>!
You ate a non-cursed slime mold.[63]
Segmentation fault -- core dumped.
You ate an apple or pear.[64]
Bus error -- core dumped.
You ate an apple or pear.[65]
Yo' mama -- core dumped.
You ate an apple or pear.[66]
This <food> is grody!
You ate a food that would have tasted terrible.[67]
This <food> is gnarly!
You ate a food that would have tasted delicious.[68]
Four out of five dentists agree.
You ate a non-cursed trident.[69]
You now have a lesser case of the munchies.
You ate and are now only hungry.[70]
You are getting the munchies.
You became hungry.[71]
You still have the munchies.
You ate and are now only weak.[72]
The munchies are interfering with your motor capabilities.
You became weak.[73]
From the murky drain, a hand reaches up… --oops--
One effect of quaffing from a fountain[74]
You've fallen, and you can't get up.
You are trapped in a (spiked) pit.[75]
You have an out-of-body experience.
A monster cast touch of death on you.[76]
You feel (trippy/trippier)!
You became confused from a monster spell.[77]
Ouch! You've been slimed!
You were hit by an acid attack.[78]
You mood ring glows <color>.
Message when wearing a ring of warning (before 3.3.1)[79]
Your spider-sense is tingling…
Message from intrinsic warning (before 3.3.1)[80]
You killed a quest leader friendly.[81]
You hear the studio audience applaud!
You killed your pet.[82]
As <monster> opens the bottle, an enormous <monster> emerges!
Monster received a ghost from quaffing a milky potion.[83]
<monster>'s body takes on a normal transparency.
Monster became invisible.[84]
What a pity - <monster> just ruined a future piece of art!
Monster used an object to cure stoning.[85]
(paranoid delusion)
Used with far look, when you are warned of the monster.[86]
The <monster> inside the box is dead!
You opened Schrodinger's Box[87]
Far out, man! You can see right through yourself.
You became invisible with see invisible.[88]
Far out, man! You can't see yourself.
You became invisible without see invisible.[89]
There's a tiger in your tank.
Through prayer, you regained lost attribute points.[90]
Looks like you are back in Kansas.
Through prayer, you ended hallucination.[91]
You feel that <god> is bummed.
A god smote you.[92]
You feel that <god> is pleased as punch.
Devout alignment record clue.[93]
You feel that <god> is ticklish.
Strident alignment record clue.[94]
You feel that <god> is full.
Alignment record clue.[95]
Your sacrifice sprouts wings and a propeller and roars away!
You sacrificed.[96]
Your sacrifice puffs up, swelling bigger and bigger, and pops!
You sacrificed.[97]
Your sacrifice collapses into a cloud of dancing particles and fades away!
You sacrificed.[98]
You feel homesick.
You attempted to offer the Amulet of Yendor before reaching the Astral Plane.[99]
You realize you have made a boo-boo.
You attempted to offer an unidentified cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor.[100]
<God> seems groovy.
After sacrifice, your god is less angry.[101]
<God> seems cosmic (not a new fact).
After sacrifice, your god is no longer angry.[102]
The gods seem tall.
Your sacrifice did nothing to appease your god's anger.[103]
You realize the gods are not like you and I.
Your sacrifice reduced your prayer timeout, but it is still nonzero.[104]
Overall, there is a smell of fried onions.
Your sacrifice reduced your prayer timeout to zero.[105]
You see crabgrass at your <feet>. A funny thing in a dungeon.
Your sacrifice increased your luck.[106]
Replaces priest.[107]
Being so trippy, you screw up…
You read a scroll while confused.[108]
You feel the power of the Force against you!
You read a scroll of remove curse while confused.[109]
You feel in touch with the Universal Oneness.
You read a scroll of remove curse while not confused.[110]
Wow! Modern art.
You read a scroll of magic mapping on a non-mappable level.[111]
Your mind releases itself from mundane concerns.
You read a scroll of amnesia.[112]
You bump into an invisible tree. Ouch!
You entered a forcefield (deferred feature).[113]
You tawt you taw a puttie tat!
You lost see invisible.[114]
You hear a soda fountain!
Fountain level sound.[115]
You hear dishes being washed!
Sink level sound.[116]
You hear Queen Beruthiel's cats!
Throne room level sound.[117]
You hear Donald Duck!
Swamp level sound.[118]
You hear the quarterback calling the play.
Unlooted vault level sound.[119]
You hear Ebenezer Scrooge!
Vault level sound.[120]
You hear bees in your [(nonexistent)] bonnet!
Beehive level sound.[121]
The <hair> on your <head> seems to stand up.
Graveyard level sound.[122]
You hear General MacArthur!
Barracks level sound.[123]
You hear Doctor Doolittle!
Zoo level sound.[124]
You hear Neiman and Marcus arguing!
Shop level sound.[125]
You hear someone say "No more woodchucks!"
Oracle level sound.[126]
You hear a loud ZOT!
Oracle level sound.[127]
Maybe you should find a designated driver.
You were attempting to ride a steed.[128]
It felt good to get out of the rain.
You dismounted an unnamed steed.[129]
You are turning into a <monster>.
You were two turns away from becoming a green slime.[130]
You have become a <monster>.
You had become a green slime.[131]
Egads! They bite your feet!
You fumbled over an item.[132]
You trip over your own elbow.
You fumbled.[133]
You slip on a banana peel.
You fumbled.[134]
Batteries have not been invented yet.
Your brass lantern (in inventory) just flickered.[135]
They shriek!
Some candles just stopped burning.[136]
You notice a crease in the linoleum.
You triggered a squeaky board trap.[137]
You hear someone bowling.
You heard a rolling boulder trap being set off.[138]
Up, up, and awaaaay! You're walking on air!
You begin levitating.[139]
Bummer! You've splashed down.
You ceased levitating over water or lava.[140]
Bummer! You've crashed.
You ceased levitating by falling into a Sokoban trap.[141]
Bummer! You've hit the ground.
You ceased levitating otherwise.[142]
You hear the moon howling at you.
Magic trap effect.[143]
You suddenly yearn for Cleveland.
Magic trap effect.[144]
You smell hamburgers.
Magic trap effect.[145]
You sink like the Titanic.
You fall into water without being able to swim.[146]
Your keel hits the bottom.
You fall into water while amphibious.[147]
What a groovy feeling!
Chest trap effect.[148]
The floor runs like butter!
You cast stone to flesh downward, erasing any stone engravings.[149]


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