Half spell damage is an extrinsic property which halves any damage taken from spells, as well as halving certain other effects. This property is currently conferred only by carrying The Orb of Detection, The Platinum Yendorian Express Card, The Orb of Fate or The Eye of the Aethiopica.


Affected SpellsEdit

The following monster spells are affected by half spell damage:[1]

Psi bolt Halves damage.
Stun Halves duration. However, this is trivial with a unicorn horn.
Drain strength Halves reduction. However, magic resistance negates.
Curse items Halves maximum number of items affected from 6 to 3; stacks with magic resistance, combined to only 2.
Open wounds Halves damage. Stacks with magic resistance to quarter damage.
Confusion Halves duration. However, this is trivial with a unicorn horn.
Paralyze Halves duration.
Blind Halves duration. However, this is trivial with a unicorn horn or the Eyes of the Overworld.
Lightning Halves damage. However, shock resistance negates.
Pillar of fire Halves damage. However, fire resistance negates.
Cold Halves damage. However, cold resistance negates.

Monsters Affected Edit

The following monsters can cast spells, some of which affected by this property:

Monster Base Level Spells Notes
Kobold Shaman 2 Magical
Orc Shaman 3 Magical
Gnomish Wizard 3 Magical
Barrow wight 3 Magical
Guide 5 Magical
Abbot 5 Clerical
Acolyte 5 Clerical
Apprentice 5 Magical
Golden Naga 10 Magical
Nalfeshnee 11 Magical
Lich 11 Magical
Aligned priest 12 Clerical
Demilich 14 Magical
Dark One 15 Magical
Ixoth 15 Magical
Minion of Huhetotl 16 Magical
Thoth Amon 16 Magical
Chromatic Dragon 16 Magical
Nalzok 16 Magical
Ki-rin 16 Magical
Titan 16 Magical
Master Lich 17 Magical
Archon 19 Magical
Neferet the Green 20 Magical
Arch-lich 25 Magical
Grand Master 25 Clerical
High priest 25 Clerical
Arch priest 25 Clerical
Master Kaen 25 Clerical
Wizard of Yendor 30 Magical
Orcus 30 Magical
Dispater 36 Magical
Demogorgon 50 Magical

Main article: Monster spells.

Clerical spells include open wounds, cure self, confusion, paralyze, blind, summon insects, curse items, lightning, pillar of fire, and geyser.

Magical spells includes psi bolt, cure self, haste self, stun, disappear, drain strength, destroy armor, curse items, aggravate, summon nasties, clone, and touch of death.

It is unclear whether or not this is a complete list.

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