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I remember playing Hack on the Amiga 500 off a floppy disk back in the mid 80's. The splash screen stated that it was ported by John and Mary Ellen Tobes. It featured both an ASCII version and a graphical version similar to the current graphical version of Nethack, but the wall tiles were more like brick color. A lot of the monsters were the same, and the only pet was a dog. Although, you would sometimes find a chest containing Schrodinger's dead cat.

The goal was to simply get to the lowest level, defeat the Minotaur, and ascend with the amulet and all your riches.

There were no spellbooks, artifact weapons, or wearable amulets from what I can recall. But most of the other items were similar to the current-day Nethack.

It was highly addictive. We would take turns playing for hours on end almost daily.

Characters (Amiga Version)Edit

I believe your character choices were Caveman, Wizard, Knight, Fighter, Speleologist, Tourist, and Thief.

Similarities To Slash'EmEdit

The Amiga version of Hack also had the wand of healing.

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