The green slime is a seemingly innocuous, but deadly creature. It is slow and weak, but its touch slimes unwary adventurers, a delayed instadeath if not cured. Eating the corpse will also slime you.

It is generated only in Gehennom, but can also be encountered elsewhere by a consequence of summon nasties monster spells or polymorphing shape changers like chameleons.

Being slimed ends your game after nine turns; however, you can cure the condition:

  • Burn away the slime (either by being hit by a fire-based attack, such as zapping oneself with a wand of fire or reading a scroll of fire, or by polymorphing into a fiery monster)
  • Casting cure sickness causes the slime to disappear
  • Prayer is also effective at removing slime
  • So is #invoking the Staff of Aesculapius
  • An amulet of life saving will save you from the end result
  • An amulet of unchanging will immediately abort the sliming process
  • Safely polymorph into a green slime and play as one that way (inconsistent as this may seem). This is probably a Bad Idea, since green slimes are statistically poor monsters and haphazardly turning other monsters into slime is a good way to put yourself in a very dangerous situation when your polymorph wears off.

The only way to gain resistance to sliming, although not listed as a specific intrinsic, is to wear an amulet of unchanging. Conversely, the Wizard of Yendor and the Endgame Riders are not immune, either.

Note that the in-code description for green slime includes provision for a 0d0 sliming passive attack, but that as of 3.4.3, this has not been implemented.[1]

  1. See monst.c#line1849, but note that uhitm.c has no implementation for a passive sliming attack.
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