Giants are a class of monster represented by the overall symbol H. Shared characteristics between the various types of giant include the ability to pick up and throw boulders, collecting of gems, and the strength bonus conveyed by eating their corpses (as well as any other intrinsic the particular species of giant might have). Giant mummies and zombies are not able to walk over boulders. Giants have a 50% chance of being created with a boulder. They are also noteworthy for the fact that they can break down doors.

The giant, H, is also a monster which normally appears only in corpse form by killing a giant zombie or giant mummy.

Fighting giantsEdit

Giants are susceptible to the artifact, Giantslayer, with a 1d5 bonus for your player to-hit and causing double damage.

Giants are considered kebabable, able to be skewered, and you receive a +2 to-hit bonus when using a weapon that uses the spear or javelin skills.

Eating giantsEdit

Eating the corpse of any giant (including Cyclops and Lord Surtur, but not titans, ettins or minotaurs[1]), or a tin of any kind of giant meat, will, besides any other effects it may have, increase your strength by the same amount as a (non-cursed) tin of spinach.[2] Unlike spinach, tins of giant meat will provide a strength increase even if cursed; on the other hand, giant corpses are very nutritious, so you may not actually be able to eat as many as you'd like to before they spoil. (That, and there's the risk of choking over your food if you're careless.)

In SLASH'EM, there is only a 25% chance that the strength gain will occur when eating giant meat.


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