Several monsters have "gaze attacks", which enables them to attack by glaring at you. You can protect yourself from these by blinding yourself in advance. Additionally, a blind or cancelled monster cannot successfully use a gaze attack. Blinding yourself is more reliable, however. A monster's gaze is also rendered impotent if it is invisible, provided the victim cannot see invisible.

The following monsters have gaze attacks:


The following new SLASH'EM monsters have gaze attacks:

  • Glowing eye (same as Archon)
  • Bloodshot eye (same as Baalzebub)
  • Blinking eye (blinking gaze that teleports you)
  • Catoblepas (fatal gaze)
  • Planetar (same as Archon)
  • Solar (same as Archon)
  • Water hulk (same as umber hulk)
  • Chasme (sleep-inducing gaze)
  • Babau (poisonous gaze)
  • Cthulhu (same as umber hulk)
  • Rhaumbusun (active paralyzing gaze)
  • Beholder (same as catoblepas, Baalzebub, umber hulk, and chasme; also has a gaze that deals direct damage)
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