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I am rather a newbie, but I am nearing the castle for the first time and I have a number of artifact weapons. First is Excalibur, which I wield most of the time for trap detection. The weapon I actually use in combat most of the time is Mjollnir, and since I am a valkyrie with GoP, I can and often do throw Mojo to great effect. The other weapons are all artifact longswords, Fire Brand, Frost Brand and Demonbane. Both my Long Sword and Hammer skills are at expert, and upon reaching the castle I intend to wish for a silver saber to start twoweaponing. I have a magic marker and seveal blank scrolls, as well as some enchant wepon scrolls, and I am unsure what I should use them on first. Logically it should be Mojo since I use it most often, but I wanted some more experienced opinions on this.

You'd probably benefit from enchanting Frost Brand most, actually; Mojo has damage bonus unrelated to enchantment against non shock-resistant monsters, and against shock resistant monsters, you'd definitely want a better weapon (hammers have miserable base damage). Fire and Frost Brand, however, do double damage against their respective monsters (not fire- or cold-resistant), which includes doubling damage from enchantment, so enchanting them makes them far more useful. Frost Brand has a slightly wider damage range, but both are well worth enchanting. There's not much that resists them both. Excalibur and Mojo are ultimately worth enchanting (particularly since Excalibur's enchantment enhances its searching ability), but Demonbane isn't, unless you really, really have scrolls of enchant weapon to waste. If you're planning to wish for a silver saber anyway you might as well chuck it, since twoweaponing with that will give you all the damage you need and more against demons. -Ion frigate 19:16, August 30, 2010 (UTC)
If you have some armor you're planning to keep, and depending on current AC, using the marker to write enchant armor instead might be worth considering, too. More specifically I'd at least reserve 1 blessed enchant armor just in case one of the castle dragons turns out to be the right color. 10:44, August 31, 2010 (UTC)