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Help! Nethack does not recognize mind flayer for scroll of genocide17:56, March 14, 2018Sannse
PRIMITIVE MODE20:41, November 14, 201369.51.66.186
9 Life lessons I learnt from Nethack15:09, November 3, 2013WaveDivisionMultiplexer
How do I hack Hack??15:07, November 3, 2013WaveDivisionMultiplexer
The Wiki online chat16:07, September 15, 2013WaveDivisionMultiplexer
Times the RNG liked you22:55, February 26, 201186.147.244.61
YANI: 5 new artifacts, comments wanted12:50, February 17, 2011205.56.129.195
Page Title22:59, February 15, 2011Imanie
Stone to flesh05:54, November 23, 201088.74.91.107
Just ran into my first angle09:40, October 9, 2010Tjr
Best Pets?15:21, October 1, 2010198.109.200.200
Forcing with a cursed weapon?07:00, September 26, 2010Paxed
Punished in Minetown18:07, September 14, 2010Tjr
So... i get this blind fold next to the start stairs....17:06, September 6, 2010Tjr
YASD21:31, September 2, 2010Daraga
How do you use a technique13:52, September 1, 2010Qazmlpok
Which weapon to enchant first?10:44, August 31, 201062.80.22.186
Can you wish for an altar19:02, August 25, 2010Tjr
Soo... I got this wand of wishing.... (Slash'EM)19:18, August 24, 2010Ion frigate
Autoexplore function?15:06, August 16, 2010Tjr
Price difference for BUC21:02, August 1, 2010Darth l33t
NetHack side-scroller production project04:00, July 25, 2010TheMightyAnonym
Hjkl: two hands?09:27, July 9, 201086.60.223.164
I think I just took the cake for weirdest death...02:09, July 6, 2010Feagradze
Help!My angered me12:43, July 3, 2010Ray Chason
A few questions...08:48, June 24, 2010Tjr
How do you check your stats?18:43, May 29, 201098.208.89.174
Archon with a cockatrice corpse21:03, May 20, 2010OrcChow
Using a leprechaun for unlimited protection07:49, May 18, 2010138.217.66.215
Can pets (grey D) gain intrinsics from eating corpses?22:20, April 19, 2010Qazmlpok
Main page design: call for improvements15:05, October 19, 2009Paxed
Watch me fail. A lot.01:38, October 1, 200971.57.89.156
I just noticed a reference!00:55, September 28, 200924.128.180.28
What does this mean???17:16, September 19, 2009Ray Chason
Silver damage with the Bell of Opening?11:11, August 20, 2009Tjr
I cant believe it...00:14, August 14, 200924.128.180.28
Polymorphed into a Stalker - "permanently" stunned18:34, August 2, 2009Rbrtkbl
Vulture's???08:54, July 24, 200977.105.59.228
Question about in-game tiles21:42, July 4, 200924.147.13.228
Can you compile this?02:53, June 24, 200958.64.55.155
How the flip do I tame a unicorn?13:48, June 17, 2009Tjr
Uhm... What happened?07:48, June 12, 200924.0.57.121
Variants you'd like to see12:23, May 16, 2009Jorck the Outcast
Getting into the Nethack source code14:28, May 14, 2009OverWilliam
Have a good strategy for descension?13:23, May 13, 2009Ckbryant
Xbox Community Game?02:15, May 11, 200996.24.177.50
Pets and Equipment03:57, April 24, 2009Uptonbeat
Praying problem14:40, April 21, 2009Tjr
Murder?00:14, April 20, 2009Kalon
I just got into this because of KoL00:10, April 20, 2009Kalon
Priest Protection vs Praying Protection01:30, April 18, 200969.137.3.33
YAFAP!!10:52, March 23, 2009Ipslne
That D would have been toast.04:19, March 12, 2009Ipslne
Nethax!17:04, March 11, 2009Ipslne
Do new enemies spawn on the Elemental Planes?08:10, March 6, 2009ZeroOne
What can I use other than a =oFA19:29, March 1, 2009Tjr
Intrinsics!!?22:12, February 28, 2009Matrim1
Pet angel killed vlad, no candelabrum15:09, January 7, 2009Ckbryant
Do random dungeon artifacts identify on pickup?08:25, November 12, 2008Marcmagus
Spontaneous gnome taming?18:32, October 17, 2008Fredil Yupigo
What is fruit good for?04:04, October 2, 2008Kalon
Un-name an item12:59, September 27, 2008Andronikus
General gameplay tips for a newbie?22:39, August 26, 200882.225.59.146
How to find a saddle ?22:28, August 26, 200882.225.59.146
What a waste of Sokoban...07:27, August 17, 200866.129.37.166
-2 Gauntlets Of Power?23:04, August 12, 2008Shijun
Main page and skin changes18:50, August 8, 2008Ray Chason
Walking onto an I square while blind and a pet is on it...09:05, August 4, 2008165.247.0.45
What monster can01:55, May 27, 2008Ray Chason
Otherwise known as RGRN in exile05:12, January 13, 2008Lotte
How to close the drawbridges in the Valk quest?01:24, September 10, 2007Addps4cat
A wand of digging (0:-1)15:31, August 28, 2007Ray Chason
It says I killed the Oracle, but I didn't I sware03:26, August 24, 2007Kernigh
Doing the planes without ?oGD00:23, August 21, 2007Jistanidiot
Question about prayer and crowning23:00, August 19, 2007Jistanidiot
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