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Walking onto an I square (a remembered, unseen creature) using the 'm' command while blind if a pet happens to be on the square on that turn gives the message "Pardon me, <petname>.". I think that this gives away too much information since the player is blind, and if they could tell that it was their pet in the first place, then they would have gotten the "pardon me, <petname>." message when they first tried to step onto a (non-'I') square with their pet on it and not the "Wait! There's something there you can't see!" message. Hostile monsters give the "You move right into it." message if you try to walk onto an 'I' square with the hostile monster on it (and they usually attack, although that's sort of irrelevant). I suppose that it could be rationalized that a player could recognize that it was their pet if they walked carefully onto a square with an 'I' with the pet on it, but that would, of course, require that players can only walk ('m'ove) onto 'I' squares carefully, and that would probably require some sort of carefulness flag in the game, which is supposed to be a quality that is up to the person playing the game, as part of the "take however long you want to figure out your next move" thing. I sometimes find myself wishing that real life was as simple and easy as Nethack.

I have tested this in wizmode a couple of times using magic mapping and a corridor and a wished-for blessed blindfold and a gen'd hostile monster. I hope that this message is coherent. Thanks to the Devteam for creating, and to the online Nethack community for supporting, this most awesome of games. 09:05, 4 August 2008 (UTC)