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So, what kind of NetHack Variants would you like to play? I'd like to see a variant based on Dudley's dungeon, including things like the Dogley Dimension, Newtbane, Dudleyrist, cockatrice warriors; and from New, Improved: achievements, hippies, ghosts of Dion Nicolaas, potatoes, and singing hobbits.

Either that, or an Elder Scrolls variant, because Oblivion is pretty much like NetHack already, but with more story (This time, you're questing to retrieve the Amulet of Kings from the High Priest of Mehrunes Dagon, Mankar Camoran!) I actually had planned to create this one, but it fizzled out when I found I couldn't edit the source very well. Jorck the Outcast 12:01, 9 May 2009 (UTC)