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Hey, all! I've been using the wiki for a while, it's a great resource.

Anyway, recently I've been playing what I call an "accidental extinctionist" game... Neutral human wizard. Interesting early game, no bag of holding all the way through the Castle, a few other key things were rare or non-existent. I had caches all over the place. After the Castle I had pretty much a full ascension kit but was still conserving wishes, holding out for a BoH and some nonessential armor. Then on the second level of Vlad's I hit an old bones file of mine: YASD (choked on a winter wolf cub) with a full ascension kit.

So at that point I had two ascension kits and finally had a BoH. I also had +7 Mjollnir. But what I really wanted was Grayswandir. Unfortunately, in this game I already had found or been given quite a few artifacts, so the chances of wishing for it were slim (although I did try, wasting many wishes in the process). So how to get Grayswandir? Repeated sacrifice, natch.

So I have a nice altar with a boulder fort, and I've been summoning for a while. Building up a huge stock of stuff, 40+ !oFH, etc. Level 30, natch. I've been playing with polypiling rings, looking for protection and increase damage, then enchanting them to +2 (with PYEC from an early wish) and eating them.

I had my AC down to -52. Back at the altar, I started to lose focus and all of a sudden I sacrificed a nurse. "The altar is stained with human blood!" My god is angry, no problem; a few sacrifices take care of that. But I went from AC -52 up to AC -34. Yow. My level was 30, so there wasn't enough gold left in the game to buy even 10 points of protection from a priest, and I'd already eaten my stash of rings.

What to do? At first I was going to have a pet kill the priest and use the money to pay another priest... but if I did that I knew I would soon run out of priests!

Finally I realized the obvious solution (which I had read long ago here and forgotten about:

I found a leprechaun and tamed it. Brought it into the temple using my magic whistle. Put on my handy ring of conflict. Then... well, here you go:

"e - a blessed ring of conflict (on right hand)."
"The leprechaun hits the priest of Thoth."
"The leprechaun steals some gold from the priest of Thoth."
"The leprechaun suddenly disappears!"
"You produce a strange whistling sound."
"You were wearing a blessed ring of conflict. You finish disrobing."
"The leprechaun drops 127643 gold pieces."
"You have much trouble lifting 127643 gold pieces."
"You rebalance your load. Movement is difficult."

Donate, rinse, repeat!

Still looking for Grayswandir, though...

JohnHarker 06:32, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

Last time I tried, the priest killed my leprechaun in one whack as soon as I put on my ring of conflict. Tjr 11:37, 5 May 2009 (UTC)
If you're a neutral wizard, you're probably not gonna get Grayswandir - that's a lawful saber you're after there. I don't know the specifics, but I'm pretty sure that's your major bummer.